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my dad is an asshole

so i was having a conversation with my step dad about aids and he said " if gay men didnt have sex with monkeys there wouldnt be aids" to my little sister

1st of all thats not how aids started
2 having sex with monkeys is bestiality so what the fuck is wrong with you
3 dont talk to my sister like that
4 you are ignorant
5 go to hell bitch

i have never been able to understand him

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GRRRRRR people on youtube are angering me.

I've been watching a few LGBT rights vids maybe you've heard of them? FCKH8? yeah hilarious and slightly controversial but what isn't now a days?
well whats going on is there are a bunch of christian or Jehovah's witness extremists spamming the hell out of the comment threads and whenever someone comments they attack them for being LGBT or even a supporter. and they are telling all of them that we are going to hell and such.

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I came out to my close friend, but...

My life is full of adventures, dilemmas and weird situations.
For now, I'll talk about how I come out to my friend.

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Clear as Mud

My dad convinced me to stay in the closet with my mom and grandparents. Because yeah, they'd probably go out of their way to find some way to blame it on him...

But I have been hinting at it towards my mom. I'm sure she won't ask. It's too awkward. So she can't say anything as a definite. *snicker*

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I try to smile, even on the cloudy day...

Okay brace yourself I am on a rant, straight bashing really! I DON'T do this often but I am annoyed! Why is it that straight woman are FOREVER talking about their boyfriends/husbands and why does this bug me...
1) because they could do so with out being judged or even giving it a second thought and

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Grr.... -,-

So one of my friend's saw that I had an Obama pin on my bag. She started flipping out with a group of people, because they think that McCain is better. I explained to her that I like Obama better, because the Democratic party is more inclusive of minorities and promotes civil rights compared to the GOP.

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