I'm back

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i'm back....

yeah, I know I'm horrid about updating but my comp got thrown down the stairs and then the guy who threw it went into a diabetic coma and died two days later.... as you can tell, my life is just one big mess of Charlie-Foxtrot-ted-ness right now.... since I've last posted, I've....

~gotten a job
~had far too many cups of tea in 7 days than is healthy for anyone but an English dowager
~had my computer thrown down 3 sets of stairs, thus making the screen crack'd from side to side
~had a haircut that made me look like ringo starr
~was in a band for two weeks

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Long time no see!!

Hello everyone *waves enthusiastically*
(^_^ I just spelled enthusiastically correctly!!)

Anyway I haven't been to this site in a long time, I used to go by Meldiseus but this is a new account, and a lot of things have changed since then.

I'm in college, studying to be an actor, and have a wonderful bunch of friends. I'm out to my mom, 6 people, and I know that if I want to I could come out to my friends cause they're mostly people who know about the LGBT to some extent and get pissed at people who aren't understanding.

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hi people

hey guys and girls! i'm back and wanted to say that i know it's been forever but i'm ready to start talking to my friends again! i was on vay-kay and couldn't use the computer i'm back now and would love to restart any convo's that were stopped in the middle.

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I'm back and better than ever before.

Ok it has been since April of last year that I wrote in here. In fact it has been longer than that of which I was able to get on to the internet. Where I live now ( Nebraska) we had no local tv coverage, cell coverage or internet until now. We just rejoined the world. Yes we are staying in Nebr this year for the winter...YUCK....hate snow.

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Heyyy everyone! I haven't been on this site in about a million years. Yeah, its pretty sad... I know you have all missed me!

So here is an update about me:
-I graduated high school in June.
-I start school at Manchester College [one of the most gay-friendly schools in the US...WOOT!] on September 3rd, and I am very excited about it.
-I am still single.

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Feeling a Bit Better

I feel better today, so I had to come back and visit for awhile. I miss you guys so much I can't stay away for too long. Even when I'm not feeling too well, it gets so lonely up here in Maine. Having you guys and my chat room buddies to interact with really makes life here bearable.

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