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I Credit the Glasses

So, it's Homecoming Week. About which I care nothing. And every day has a theme. About which I care nothing. But today was Poser Day: Dress Up Like Someone You're Not. And really, I cared nothing. But I took the excuse to engage in 'unhealthy behavior,' as I considered it at the time. For me, 'unhealthy behavior' is not drugs, or sex, or staying up all night or standing unprotected in the rain to let my cottony clothes drench through and weaken my immune system or eating vast quantities of potato chips. These are things that do not even tempt me.

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The Accursed "Solace"

I usually think of him by his first and last name, or sometimes just his last name, but that would make him too traceable, or me too traceable to him, so I'll call him 'Solace' because that's the name he used when we were antagonistic correspondents (pen-enemies). It's short for 'All Solace Everywhere,' which is a very annoying name that sums him up pretty well.

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