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out of date

i don't know why (and i was so happy with my small accomplishment) that i didn't mention that i finally crossed into Exodus in The Old Testament. it's funny the amount of attention a person can get (these days from what i'm guessing) from just reading the bible in a public setting. it's not so much as "why?" but more "how is being religious a bad thing?". it's not like i'm converting people left and right and supporting Scott Lively or that Defend The Family crap. i'm all for my rights and people being able to be with whatever beliefs they have.

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Apparently there is this web of lesbian interconnectedness that I have yet to be plugged into. Maybe it's because I'm not technically totally completely a lesbian's lesbian (which my friends constantly remind me of), or maybe it's because I haven't actually dated any girls yet (just obsessed from afar), or maybe it's because I don't quite 'fit in' with the clique of gay girls at school. Whatever it is, I haven't been initiated into it.

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Forgot Who I was A Minute There...

That ever happen to you? Scary shit. You go to log in and you see this list of names you only barely recognise and none of them feel right.
Then you put your glasses on or you remember and you can deal with yourself again, however ineffectually you were managing that before.


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Baptism And Drowning

The result of a pot of coffee and a weird night.

Baptism And Drowning

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No Dostoevsky Tonight

A song I wrote, sort of to blow off steam.

No Dostoevsky Tonight

Some nights I can deal
With Raskolnikov
And such
Some nights it seems
That even Wilde
Is too much

There will be no Dostoevsky tonight
No more Russian angst and blight
I had a bad day, and I'm sorry to say
That I can't read Dostoevsky tonight

Some nights I need calm
So I read Neruda
In the dark

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Musical Theatre And Innocent Love Doomed

I've been listening to a millieu of music from various musicals of late. Mostly Gypsy and Les Miz. It entertains me, and Ethel Merman seems to counteract depression.

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