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way opens

its kinda funny that shelby was talking about people being happier on here the other day because that same day, my life got a lot happier. i still can't talk about it but i will be able to soon. but i found it funny that my posts were pretty sad, and then the day that the post went out, my life brightened up. as the quakers say...WAY OPENS!!!!

ill explain more soon, probably in a comment or something! anyway, i hope everyones had an ok, if not better, day!


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I have now come out to enough people to make a high five, so yeah, that's awesome. That makes, L (friend), H, lesbian youth minister at my church (God, I love my church!), M (friend), N (ex-boyfriend), and K (friend). M came out as bisexual to me, so I kinda reflexed and came out to him as well. Then N, ex-kinda-boyfriend, came out to me as bisexual, so I reflexed again and came out to him. He said something that seemed like he might be gay, though, that he was still questioning (which I am, too). I agonized for a bit when I was only out to one friend.

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So I had a good laugh...

People assume that she left me. She didn't. The difference is, I meant every word I said. That there was nobody for me but her. Every word that dripped the promises of forever. That I would love her forever. I meant it. And she tells me she loves me and wants to be with me forever. But she doesn't trust me. Yet, we talk every day, hours at a time. About everything. All day long. Still, no trust.

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