Jai Rodriguez

Jai Rodriguez: Interview

By Jeff Walsh

As one of the fab five on Queer Eye, Jai Rodriguez always seemed to capture my attention. Sure, he's gorgeous. But, there always seemed to be something more to his role on the show. While all the other guys performed their roles admirably, Jai always seemed to go for making deep, meaningful connections with the people they were helping on the show and most often connecting their personal story to his function, whereas the others were making kitchen klutzes try to bake and down-scale dressers add more pizzazz.

Since the show ended, he's been seen on Nip/Tuck, and this year will show up in two different reality series, America's Prom Queen for ABC Family and Groomer Has It for Animal Planet, which Jai describes on his MySpace as "Project Runway for dog groomers."

Aside from that, Rodriguez has been putting the finishing touches on his debut album, the first single from which "Broken," you can listen to on his MySpace. He also worked the boards as Angel in Broadway's Rent.

I spoke with him quite a while back, as he was on a train this summer headed to his high school reunion, but finally decided to post the damned thing already. Here's what we said way back when I was significantly younger about Queer Eye, breaking into music, Rent, and coming out:

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