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When boyfriends just want to be friends

There was this kid I liked and he liked me. and then he left me a voicemail one night... I seen him for the first time on a tuesday evening and everything seemed to go okay...

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Just feel like putting this somewhere, just because.
But just scroll past it to read my random ramblings.
Its 12:30am here. And I'm tired but not tired enough apparently.
And I've had a long last.. Ah. 4 Days.
And I'm starting year 10 on Monday :|

Anyway. Here's the writings...

hold me close, you said.
but then you heard the front door

Would you be more angry if you found your partner in bed with...

Another gay/bi man/woman
13% (2 votes)
A straight man/woman
87% (13 votes)
Total votes: 15
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