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I'm at school. I don't remember exactly where. Somewhere outside, I think, and downstairs. Maybe over near the math building and the art department. Blue is talking to me. Blue is a hot chick - I don't usually think of people in terms of hotness, nor do I generally think of girls as chicks, but Blue is. She's very small, childlike, almost, but her bright red lipstick and heavy blue eyeshadow clearly say that she is no child. Her face, aside from the aforementioned lipstick and eyeshadow, is a mass of freckles pierced by a pair of truly amazing blue eyes. Hence the name.

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For some reason I find weekends oddly depressing now. Maybe it's just all the time I have with no excuse to hide in my little nerd-cave being unsociable. Homework is the usual excuse, but I can't ever pretend I have a whole weekend's worth of it.

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In Which Mouse is Incapable of Making Good Decisions and Kisses This Girl a Lot

So I'm dating this girl. As of two evenings ago. I enjoyed hanging out with her when I met her at college; she's this cool playwright who is very energetic and dynamic and talks all the time, but in a good way because she has so much to say.

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