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Cheerleading again but with hotter girls!!!! *lol*

I am tryin out for cheerleading for freshman year in highschool....jus becuz sum1 sed i couldnt make it......i did it last year but i only did it to try it...then this year i wasnt gonna do but then i did to see if i would be ok at it....i think im really good.

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i wanna swim 13 miles away....

let the rain wat i feel right now come down.........words are lost to me rite now...like theres nothing to say.....i want to speak i got to speak i need to speak....nothing......

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My Crushes mom yells at me, the day before my b-day!!??

Idk wat to think, or feel, but its jus hurts to much to think bout it but i think it stop, the pain, when i steped inside myself dealt with it, now it only feels like a little burn, when before it was killin me. let me tell you wat happened.

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When you are gone & No Answers.

yes finally i write sumthing.!!!

When you are gone

The sun is shining, the clouds are high, the birds are singing,
and my spirits are down. To me the day is wasted, i can not do, say, see wat i want. Tommorow is still there but my heart aches

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