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Ladybug and I explored another old abandoned building today - maybe the only other exploration-worthy one in town, I don't know. This one was bigger and spookier and full of graffiti and asbestos and pigeon feces, and there were pigeons moving around in the attic above the asbestos and scaring the wits half out of us. Maybe only scaring the wits a sixth out of us. And it was fun. And Ladybug is really nice, and fun, and everything.

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Sjoelen and Boll Weevils

Last night's sjoelen and oliebollen party went well. Regi couldn't come, which was good and bad really. I mean, it would have been fun for her and for me if she had been there, but I'm sure it was good that Sunny and Ladybug got more attention because of Regi's absence. Ladybug's dad couldn't remember the word 'oliebollen,' so he called them 'boll weevils,' in full knowledge that that was wrong, and everybody kept laughing throughout the evening whenever anybody mentioned 'boll weevils.' 'Oliebollen' literally means 'oily balls,' by the way, which may not be any better.

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Four Somethings

Edit: The title. This used to be called 'Miscellany...' but I decided I didn't like that much.

Something Trivial: That girl, codename Ladybug, who slipped me that random Let's-be-friends note a while back, she's still around, still being quite the character, still making strong advances of unascertainable nature. Today we ate lunch together and she gave me another note, so smothered in ribbons and magazine clippings and origami that I was amazed to find an actual letter hidden under it all (Any spelling or grammatical errors are copied.):

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