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3 Years 14 Weeks - "Last of All Last Words Spoken is Goodbye." -Walter De La Mare

My darling children,

I am deeply saddened to announce that I am leaving Oasis permanently, effective now. I wish I could explain why, but I can't. They are too complicated, and very very personal and painful.

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Bye all :(

Yeah, so I'm leaving Oasis b/c some people are backstabbing assholes...

Someone's telling everybody about my account, so I'm gonna delete it soon, already deleted all the entries. I hate drama, and almost everyone around here is full of it.

So this is goodbye, if any of you wanna stay in contact with me, just PM me before the account's gone, and I'll give ya a contact :)


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Snow in Finland~

Or not. It's not that cold yet.

So in about 2 hours I should be getting on my way to Sea-Tac airport. The flight to JFK leaves at like 7.15 but I need to be there like wayyy too early x_x I just decided not to go to sleep, and then sleep the little over 8 hours that it takes to fly from NYC to Helsinki.

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