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The woman who plays Rita on Dexter is now playing a lesbian on Desperate Housewives. They've even hinted, and I think said, that she'll have a relationship with Katherine, one of the housewives. I'm definitely going to try and start watching it now because I watched her parts on Youtube and she seems like an interesting and likable character. What pisses me off though, is the ignorant fools on the DH Facebook page; some people are writing all these nasty things saying the show better not develop a gay relationship because they are sick of TV shows shoving gay people down their throat.

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Characters that should've been gay

What characters in movies, TV, books, ect....do you think should've been gay, lesbian, bisexual?

You know when you watch a movie or whatever and you think "oh, she was totally gay" but in the movie you never actually see her get together with a girl? The character just sets off your gaydar. Okay....maybe I'm alone on this but I think there have been a few.

A couple that I think should've been gay:

Idgie and freaking Ruth from Fried Green Tomatoes!!!!!!!!!!!!
Both in the book and movie. They were totally in love!!

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