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Movies with brilliant Lesbian Characters...anyone have any recommendations?

So, I'm looking for good movies with lesbian characters for two purposes:
1) to watch by myself
2) to make my parents watch with me (they make me watch heterosexual movies all the time) (must be "age appropriate"—I'm 14)
and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.
Personally I really enjoyed Imagine Me and You.

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The World Unseen My Thoughts

The World Unseen is a lesbian interest movie with a difference. Based in 1950's South Africa when racial segregation was the norm
The World Unseen is an raw love story that features a lesbian restaurant proprietor who falls in love with an Indian South African housewife

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Aimee & Jaguar

I just got Aimee & Jaguar . Basically, it's supposed to be about the true story of two women who fell in love in Berlin during World War 2. I just want to tear right into and watch it, BUT I want to save it for the weekend when I can really enjoy it. Has anyone watched it? How did you like it? It's going to be hard to wait a whole five days to finally watch it.

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My thoughts on Tipping the Velvet, the movie not the activity :P

I just watched Tipping the Velvet....and oh my gosh, it was so good. I wasn't expecting to like it all that much judging by the cover. But I really liked it. It was all about this girl Nan and her coming of age story. Realizing she's attracted to girls and then going on to actually experiencing life, and in the process falling in love. It was set in the late 1800s in Britain. Also, I was so totally enamored/in love with Florance by the end of it :)

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The Truth About Jane

Has anyone watched the movie The Truth About Jane? Is it any good?

I've only got one night left to stay up ridiculously late playing video games and eating crap, then it's back to school. Sigh, this is depressing...I do not wish to go back just yet, I'm enjoying this freedom far too much. Can we not just make the Christmas/Winter break 3 weeks long?

I'm off to play NHL 09 and maybe start playing through Mass Effect again...

I hope everybody's enjoying their last weekend before school! :)

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I need some good lesbian movies. =)

Okay well. I've been wanting to watch some really good romantic lesbian movies. I've seen -But I'm a Cheerleader,Loving Annabelle,Mango Kisses, The incredibly true adventure of 2 girls in love,and Finn's Girl. I think thats about it. I want to be able to watch these online if possible, So give me a link so i can find it. Thanks. =)
-KaylaLoki <3

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I vote...

That a sequel should be made to Imagine Me & You. Who's with me? I mean come on I wanna see more of Luce and Rachel actually together....as a couple!

imagine me and you Pictures, Images and Photos

Note: I'd also like to see more scenes of Luce with her friend Edie, I liked her. She was quirky :)

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Kissing Jessica Stein

Has anyone watched the movie Kissing Jessica Stein? Is it any good?

I saw it on the shelf at the library and I plan on picking it up the next week. Also just found out the library has Imagine Me & You! Yes! Still, I wish they'd have more queer movies. These are the only two queer movies the library has (from what I can tell anyways) besides Brokeback Mountain, to which I'm not a big fan of.

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I need to find something to watch.....

Ugh. I need something GOOD to watch. Last night I watched the 3rd episode of The L Word from this new season and all I can say is BORING. That episode was pretty bad. AND I hate the new couple "Shenny" they make me want to puke.....sorta. Anyways, I'm really put off by by TLW right now and I don't particularly feel like watching another atrocious episode at this very moment. Am I the only one that feels this way?

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stuff about life

So it seems I may be going to Costa Rica during the summer. I'm trying not to get my hopes up because it's not official yet but it seems like it might actually happen. I can't wait!

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this is not an introduction

Recently, my mother found and watched two lesbian movies on my computer, Saving Face and When Night is Falling (both of which are superb lesbian movies that trump all of the ones I've seen before--WNiF definitely earns my award for best lovemaking scene).

It was a considerable nightmare.
My dad stopped the car in a parking lot.

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