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Girls! your first crush as far back as you can remember!

so who was your first crush? someone in school? celeberity? doesn't have absolutely specific if you don't want it to be...guy or girls doesn't matter...as far back as you can remember! hell add some of the other crushes! i'm putting all on! don't have much anyways...

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I think I might love you...

If you're out there, this journal does not do justice.

I realized I liked you when I kissed you.

I realized I cared for you when I burned you with a glue gun.

I realized I adored you when I saw you skate.

And now that we've been apart so long, I realize I might love you.

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Keeping You a Secret...

This was an awesome lesbian love story! It's geared toward teenagers as the main characters are teenagers. It tells the story of a girl who is realizing she is a lesbian and is also falling in love with a new girl at school. A very realistic depiction of a lesbian teenager and the struggles some of us face. A MUST read! 'Twas awesome!

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Laramie Project

Last weekend I was in my school's production of the Laramie Project it was awesome. I mean I cried by the end of every show but it was amazing to be a part of. For those of you who don't know, Laramie Project is a play that is made from a collection of interviews with people of the town of Laramie Wyoming after the beating and death of Mathew Shephard in 1998 because he was gay.

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Wats yer opinion on bisexuals?? I went out w/ one and it seemed she was really unsure of wat she wanted, personally I don't think there is such a thing.Yer either gay or straight...but then again there are people that are curious and questioning so what fuck????? any bisexuals wanna inform me ?????

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Outlet info

Outlet services. All our groups are free, confidential and drop in.

Connections every Monday night from 7-9pm. This group is only for lgbtqq youth 13-20.
HYPE! - HIV Youth Prevention Education the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm.
De Ambiente for young latinos, mostly spanish speaking, every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month from 4-6pm.

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Introducing Outlet

I am new to Oasis and just bopping around to see what it is like. I am the assistant director of Outlet, a queer youth program in Mountain View, CA. We have services such as in-person discussion groups, movie nights, counseling and HIV/AIDs education available for free for youth 13-20. So I thought it was important to have a face on this site. I am also excited just to see it here!!

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Well my close friends were the first to find out.. Then I went on and broke the silence with my Mom..

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i need to come out

I want to come out so badly. Sometimes I feel as if I never will. I'm such a wimp. Everytime I think about it I want to cry. I want to tell my roommate the most. She and I have lived together for about eight months. She's straight and I think she's a lesbianphobe. She says she's not homophobic but I think she is.

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march 17.

so uhm...
i havnt posted a blog in a long time,
its prolly cuz my mom didnt pay the bill and our internet got shut off!
yup, thats it.
so uhm....
i have made a descision over the past day or so and...
i only like one girl.
and im going to fight for her.
im not going to tell you her name but... i believe she knows who she is.
i cannot wait to see her.
it'll be amazing.

Lesbian Sex and Sexuality: DVD Review

By dykehalo

When I chose to review Lesbian Sex and Sexuality, I had no clue what it was about other then the obvious -- lesbian sex and sexuality -- but what that really entailed and meant I hadn't the foggiest idea. This two-DVD set is a documentary of six different episodes that address different areas and subjects of lesbian sex and sexuality:

Porn Today: Pushing the Limits which is all about the lesbian porn industry and how it has and is continuing to evolve. In it they talk to a couple of the major porn directors.

For Your Pleasure: Erotic Dancers follows 3 erotic dancers through their daily lives and looks into the lesbian club and bar scene.

The Evolution of Erotica is a history lesson on the printed and video lesbian industry. It goes back to the roots of lesbian porn and was very interesting.

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Has anyone read any of Sappho's poetry? I have and I think it's astoundingly well-penned, honest and raw. Sappho was one of the greatest lesbian poetesses that ever lived, I think.

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All The Things I Never Meant

I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to make you cry
and everytime I cut myself
you held me close and asked me why.

I never meant for you to see
what was hidden underneath
my tattered clothes, my hurting smile
beneath it all my secret grief.

I never meant for you to catch me
I didn't want you to care
You should have let me fall, baby
leave my heart laid bare.

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Same-Sex in the City (So your prince charming maybe a cinderella)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Same-sex in the city
( So your prince charming maybe a Cinderella ) is a awesome book.

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They saw us!

OMFG!i cant stop laughing!

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OuT wIt HeR fAmIlY!=D

Yday was the most fun day ever!i went to S's place,and after a while,her parents suggested we all go out to eat somewhere.We went to the airport.The Dubai airport has amazing places to eat.It has a vast variety of restuarants.And besides,her house is close to the airport.We talked,We laughed,We danced.I must admit,i dunt get along very well wit my own family.Im the typical teen who gets embarrased

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Sweet dreams that won't come true...

She said let's change our luck
this night is all we've got
drive fast until we crash
this dead end life
sweet dreams that won't come true
I'd leave it all for you
brick walls are closing in
let's make a run tonight

blinded by the lights
hold you through forever
Won't let you go

cause if you jump
I will jump too
we will fall together
from the building's ledge

Pratibha Parmar: Interview

By Jeff Walsh

Pratibha Parmar is the writer, producer, and director the lesbian romantic comedy "Nina's Heavenly Delights," a fun story about food, family, and culture that opens in San Francisco this week and in other major U.S. cities throughout the year. Parmar was in San Francisco this week to promote the movie, as well as work on her next project involving The Color Purple author Alice Walker, so we had a chance to sit down in a café near the Bay Bridge for a chat the other day. We talked about the film, being vegan (she told me "there are meat dishes in the film just to appeal to a broad audience"), the Color Purple, and gay marriage. My review of her movie is here; the interview went as follows:

Nina's Heavenly Delights: Movie Review

By Jeff Walsh

Nina's Heavenly Delights is a Scottish Asian story about an Indian cooking competition, but the universal themes will satisfy the most discerning film lover's palette.

Over the opening credits, we see a very young Nina and her father cooking together, and witness the passion he brings to cooking. The movie begins as Nina returns home to Glasgow upon learning of her father's death. Her childhood friend Bobbi, who dreams of performing in drag in a Bollywood movie, picks her up at the airport.

Nina Shah moved to London after some family altercation, and there is obvious tension between her and the family she left behind. The Shahs have an award-winning Indian restaurant called The New Taj, of which a young woman named Lisa now owns half after Nina's father had lost half of the business as part of a bet.

As the story moves on, we find out that every member of the Shah family has a secret involving a hidden love, and each of them keep it hidden because of family obligation.

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Racism in the LGBT Community

I was wondering if anyone has encountered racism in the LGBT community personally and how the feel about it and what they have done to handle this. This was brought up at a Citywide GSA meeting put together but an LGBT organization here in Philadelphia. Thanks in advance for your time.

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