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very angry...read if you wanna...i just needed to say it before it ate me alive

I'm sick and tired of "bi" girls. I'm freaking DONE with being the experiment. I hate the fact that almost every girl I like decides to use me. Kiss me, touch me, whisper sweet things to me. And then dump me on the side of the road. I feel like I'm lost in the tundra with nothing on but my scarred skin. I want to be loved, damn it! I want to, at least ONCE, feel appreciated. LOVE. Isn't that what I'm about?

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This is what imbd.com described the plot as:

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Just today, by my final hour, the news was hot. I heard the story a total of two times in a class of ten people. Our school has three lunches right in a row splitting up students. Something went wrong during the second lunch. Students got up from their table and ran outside, inspiring others to join them until a large mass of people had run from the lunchroom.

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member the lesbians in my bathtub?

so yea, the lesbians that were makeing out in my bathtub are amazing.
we hung out till like.... 11:00 last night.
it was like... mind blowing-ly hillarious.
boy do lesbians have a sense of humor,
there were phrases used like "fatty dance"
and "aqua man"
we talked about ex's and "futures"
and we played "super lesbian" duh duh duh duh!
we got kicked out of a grocery store.

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Static Cling should be in the laundry department, ONLY.

I've been hiding for nearly four weeks, I quit that school. The dynamic of a highschool is just too retarded.
Seriously, who cares what brand of pants you're wearing? Clubs don't exist like that in the real world.
Why did I even think to do it?

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