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Random Notes on Being a Writer

Randon Notes on Being a Writer - #42

Genius never strikes at convenient times. Be prepared to lose sleep, be late for appointments and drop all the things you're supposed to be doing when those AHA moments hit (and leave enough time, because the AHA is usually followed by several hours of mad typing or scribbling).

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"I can drive her."

No way to get tolessons,
not that I want to go.
Brother's smiling at me,
like there's something He knows,
that I don.t
"Jaize, our car broken down."
He says all calm like.
The he looks around.
"You've got to go to lessons today,
otherwise you'll fail saxiphone."
I look at him.
Can't he see it in my eyes.
Guitar, drums, and harp.
THe beating of my own heart.

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