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a letter to 8 year old me

this will be wrong please read, any comments while be appreiated

Life will be difficult but it does get better you and me may be the same but were different people im going to give us a quick run down of the 10 years inbetween us:

Primary 4:
your finished p3 with pride and happiness and purity, this year not much happened you will be invited to go on a holiday with Rainbow during the winter go on it, its a brillant oppertunity to bond this is the year you realise that hugs are too "girly" which they are but Don't voice your disgusts it offends Racheal, you WILL start puberty here.

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Coming out in a letter?

I've got a situation here that I would appreciate any help I can get on it.

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Intorducing The Queer Love Project

Hi All,

I just started The Queer Love Project (http://queerlove.wordpress.com/). I was hoping you would be able to take a look and give this new idea some needed publicity if you like the idea. Here is some information on the project:

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