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sunspots and dying orchids

* inspired by the character, Thomas, in Downton Abbey.

There are no ghosts in
your winter-clothed heart
but real monsters claw at
the fleshy, pink walls,
screaming insults that
reach your ears
all the way from inside.
Thomas, maybe
your mind is a damaged
window because
ten years ago,
some mean private schoolboys
threw a stone
through the rainbow-lace glass.

And maybe your lips are bruised
by ex-lovers
who never bothered staying
past nine,
leaving you alone to burn
your fingers against
a vanilla candle flame.
Thomas, your green
eyes were blinded

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2016 Republican President?

What if a Republican president were elected in 2016? How do you think that would negatively impact LGBT peoples, Women's reproductive rights, et cetera? But mainly pertaining to LGBT concerns. It's time to start lively debate in Oasis' forums!

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your seraphim veins

*inspired by this quote: "Love is not moral or immoral. It just is," from City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare.*

Firewood crackles in your eyes,
glowing like a pretty little swearword.
And I ask where you came from, lover;
from the aging spring moon or
the shipyards outside of town
where we found each other
that first night when your
hands were cold around my waist and
my breaths were coming out
in impatient gasps of poetic escapism
as you kissed me under
the street lamp pretense
of wanting to head on home?

Are we just a little too far gone,
lost in a swirl of colorful smoke

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sand-filled hearts in El Paso

- inspired by Brokeback Mountain.

We hoard these letters because nothing
can come out of the complicated magic
we shared and you were things
that I didn't want to think about;
pictures I couldn't see with
eyes that were used to a traditional
dinner scene with lace settings and
a girl in the kitchen,
humming pretty tune that didn't fit.
But you were completely different
and that was spectacular
like a rundown sunset,
a dragonfly lost in the cherry darkness.

Boy, come on, come here..
It's all I've ever wanted to say,
but the excuses got lodged in

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Matthew in the Sky

*I've been reading Judy Shepard's book "The Meaning of Matthew" about her son who was murdered in 1998. I wanted to write a poem about who Matthew was as a person, not just the headline story. The title was taken from Lady Gaga's cover of "Imagine" by John Lennon.*

The state melted into a pool
of cerulean in your eyes,
Wyoming tinted your hair
a cowboy prairie blond and
stained your boyish lips
with a wanderlust grin.
Matthew, you've grown
older by now but some
things never change like how
the Curious Unknown
still sparkles in your dreams,
the sticker lights of Laramie.

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Support is needed badly

There is a young man in his mid 30's walking across America to end discrimination by gender. His name is Alan Bounville. He is raising awareness of gender discrimination and promoting equality for all Americans. He is a gay man. He also does a short skit or play at various locations and it is a wonderful one. It brought tears to my eyes since he talks of those who have given their lives in this fight. People like Mathew Shepard, Bryan King and more. He is currently in Florida south bound to Orlando, He will then head back north to Washington DC.

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Out in the Open LGBTQ Documentary Seeks Submissions

RealStreaMedia is a production company in Los Angeles looking for participants in communities across the United States for it’s not for profit Documentary “Out in the Open”, premiering at OUTFEST, 2012.

“Out in the Open” is geared towards empowering LGBTQ youth all around the world by interviewing LGBTQ and Straight allies alike to create awareness and stop the abuse and bullying once and for all.

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Anyone just want to talk about religious things and how they affect people. In my opinion, christians are against LGBT and its having a huge impact on me.

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Lesbian photographer fighting for Equality

My name is Alix Smith and I am lesbian photographer and I have a gallery that shows my work in New York called Morgan Lehman.

I am currently working on a project photographing same-sex couples and families from across the United States called States of Union.

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Want to watch an LGBT webisode series?

Hi everyone, I haven't posted on here in QUITE a while, so you may not remember me, but I thought I'd sneak in a shameless plug about the LGBT webisode series I'm starting, SUPPORT GROUP. It's about a group of LGBT college students and the crazy relationships they form both inside and outside of a counseling support group for people of differing sexual orientations.

Our website is .

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Lesbian photographer Alix Smith's project States of Union is among 1143 projects being considered for a whopping $250,000 grant from Pepsi. For the last two years, Smith has been working on an award winning photography project/social action campaign that addresses inequality in civil rights – specifically, in the rights afforded to gay and lesbian individuals. Through gesture, color scheme, background and lighting, the photographs that comprise States of Union are loosely based on classical paintings.

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Starting a Queer Group!

Yeah. So I'm cofounding (cofinding?) this queer group with another lesbian. It's going to be so chill! So far (including us) there is six total, which seems nice, though it's on Saturday, and there may be some more people coming who haven't replied yet. I'm excited! Mostly we're going to eat pizza and talk, which might not sound super-exciting, but mostly it's just so that all us LGBTers can be together. I love my GSA, BUT WHERE ARE THE GAYS?!?!? Fine, there's me (the president) and two bisexuals, one of whom almost never comes anymore, so again, to reiterate, WHERE ARE THE GAYS?!?!?

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LGBT Book List

I've been on a bit of LGBTQ book rant thing. These are the good ones I've found with the help of my friend Matthew:

"How They Met And Other Stories" - David Levithan

"Realm of Possibilities" - David Levithan

"Boy Meets Boy" - David Levithan

"Kissing Kate" - Lauren Myracal

"Keeping You A Secret" - Julia Anne Peters

"Far From Xandu" - Julia Anne Peters

"Grl2Grl" - Julia Anne Peters

"A Vigil For Joe Rose: Stories of Being Out in Highschool" - Michael Whatling

"Dare Truth or Promise" - Paula Boock

"The Rainbow Road Series" - Alex Sanchez

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Favorite LGBT actress or actor

Have a favorite LGBT actor or actress? I personally like Clementine Ford AKA Molly form the L Word. Or Tasha from the L Word. Or Bette since we are on the topic....Yeah Tina was great too. How about Shane anyone?


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GLBTQG-Q Rights Rap!

(9.25.09 Friday)
For Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Questionings, and Gender-queers. (Yes, I have included you :D )

why can't people love?
why the push and shove?
why can't men love men,
and women love women?
it's how we were born,
i don't see any sinnin'.
and what's the problem with transgender?
it's not like i'm a sex offender
if god made me one way
i also have free will
in my life you have no say,
so keep your tongue still.
what's the whole big fight?
what's really the issue?
let us have our rights
i'm not trying to twist you, dismiss you

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Well, that's a lonely realization...I'm the only trans kid at my school.

I was sitting in my first meeting of the year of the GLBTQ support group at my school this morning.
We have alot of kids from 9th and 10th grades, especially, so the 11th and 12th graders and everyone are trying to figure out how we can get a manageable support group size so everyone can get their turn talking and getting help.
Now, last year, it was 9th grade and 10/11/12 by ourselves.
Now, people are offering ideas about "how about we do the gay boys, together, lesbians together, bi kids together, and questioning kids go wherever they think they go?"
Which is great.
For everyone else.

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Be happy, be you

Alright friends, how have you all been? Today has been an interesting day for me, you know one of those days where you get not one, not two, but three job offers in one day. Really has given me a new perspective and reasons to be thankful for what I have.
In the light of being thankful, to those of you who have yet to come out to your friends and family I wish you luck, but would also like to remind you that by being thankful for the opportunities you have will surely only promote more positive outcomes….Been true for me, so think about it at least.


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Join my site....Please!

Now I don't give out free bowls of soup or anything for joining; but I will offer the following list in return:

1. Video updates, some of which will be funny and some of which are meant to inform.

2. Blog updates pertaining to current LGBT issues that have sparked a general interest in me and should be shared with others; and blog posts that are of little to no relevancy to the LGBT community but are of interest to me and deserve to be shared.

3. An updated "Links of interest" section which shares links to sites within the LGBT community that I have found to be helpful.

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Smith College

I know I am probably going out on a limb here, but does anyone have any information on Smith College in terms of the LGBT community? If anyone has read anything in regards to LGBT community at Smith College, please share. My search has been somewhat unsuccessful. =/

Thanks a bunch,


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Bored? Check out my LGBT website =)

If you're bored or simply looking for a new LGBT website, please check mine out. It is a free website meaning it is free for anyone to join and share their opinions through forums, comments, and blog responses. The website also includes LGBT movies, links to popular LGBT sites, mini web series, and more.
The site is dedicated to those who believe in fighting for equal rights. The blogs posted are my opinions and are aimed at promoting equality for all. Thanks to those who give the site a chance!


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