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A Boy. An Elf. A Spectacular Adventure!

It's been awhile, and we have a bunch of new members, so I thought I'd remind everyone that when I'm not giving sage advice to angst-ridden teens, I write books about angst-ridden teens. And for you, my darlings, they are always available free of charge. I have them available as PDFs, and also as MS Word files. To get them, you have but to PM me and ask. I send you a link to download them (or read them online), so you don't even have to give out your email address. Am I awesome, or what?

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Books Books Books

I got Rose of No Man's Land, Far From Xanadu, and Dragon Age : The Stolen Throne, today. All from the library. I meant to get Annie On My Mind, but completely forgot it by the time I got there. Arr...I hate it when that happens! But oh, well. I have too many to read as it is. I started to read Rose already and quite like the way it's written, it definitely seems like it could get good. Now I just have to pick out which book I want to take with me on the bus ride to school tomorrow....

I've already decided to keep Rose at home because I'm enjoying it, so now to choose XD

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