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Just finished my 1st day of work! Im bored now. Wanna hang out and watch movies with me all night??

“You've changed so much. I guess that's what happens. I wish you knew how much you changed me. I wonder if I changed you, if your life isdifferent because of me. Because mine's different. My God, you taught me so much, and now we don't even talk to each other. I guess that's what happens.” -author unknown

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i've been wanting hormone therapy for a while (i'm 16 sue me) and i think it would be a great idea but am leaving it to the professionals. my parents would have a bitch fit if i told them this though. i also hope to have the SRS procedure which all they had to say when i told them i was transgendered was it is expensive and not covered by insurance and we left it at that. and also my little sister (15) was a sneaky little bitch and told people after we agreed that she was NOT TO TELL ANYONE.

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So I did it. I left home. I'm with one of my friends. Nobody is home at my house yet. They don't even know that I'm gone yet. I still have time to change my mind. Yet I know I won't. But I'm scared. I have this knot in my stumach just like the time when I was in 7th grade and CPS took me to foster care. I'm almost excited, but too scared to be excited. I'll ya'll updated.


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