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Bucket list have been told by the Dr that you have maybe two or three years to live. There is no cure for what ever it is that you have. You will be able to function just like you are up until the last min. of your life. So.... What are three things you want to do before you die and why?

Me (1): To learn to fly a plane and fly around the world. Because I have always wanted to fly.
(2) To speak my mind to every one because i do not want to worry what they thought of what I say or do.

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50 Days...

So, at the end of March, I'm having top surgery. Which is awesome, but a little scary. However, while working out today I thought about all the things I'm looking forward to doing post-surgery that are hard or impossible to do with the binder on:


-Wearing white shirts

-Going running

-Pec workouts

-Lying in the sun

-Being cooler in the summer

-Wearing sweaters

-Feeling my girlfriend's hands on my chest

-Unbuttoning my shirts farther

-Not getting weird looks from store clerks

-Sitting in my room without boobs

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A List

So, following 5thstory's listmaking example, I am making a list of things I want but cannot have (or cannot have in the near future), for no particular reason, just because it will make me feel better.

-Rice krispie treats

-Lots of coffee

-A bigger bed

-New guitar strings

-Fish and chips


-Top surgery

-A tuxedo

-Better hair

-A night with my girlfriend

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Things that tick me off..

Because I feel like being a pessimist. I can't be entirely optimistic all of the time right? So I'm going to make a list of pet peeves and stuff. Because I'm bored...

  • When people say that Photography is not an art. When I hear people say this you can probably see smoke come out of my ears.
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A decent amount of LGBT books

In my quest for reading anything and everything lgbt, I've found that one of the chief difficulties is finding a comprehensive list of titles. I wouldn't call this a comprehensive list, but I would venture to say that it contains almost all of the books that are found in a typical public library system. I've rated them according to how I enjoyed them and also how accurate the information is.

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