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Trapped in Love?

So not too many hours past, I let my mom know that my gayness has reached new heights, ala boyfriending it long distance.

Silence followed, along with some veiled insults towards my lad. 'You realize he probably has someone else over there...', 'What does he do? Oh, he won't have a job for sure...' etc. etc.

However, things are looking not too bad for permission to fly fly away to see him.

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So when I should be studying for something worth 20% of my mark in 3 hours...

I'm writing this, because I've been meaning to journal for a while now and most especially because it's been weeks my loverboy and I have been long distancing, and things are holding steady.

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This love thing is torment

So I woke up about an hour ago and thought of my distant love and went back to dreamland for 30, then thought and thought and thought about how much I miss him, and got up and did a couple things including this now and Facebook galore, haha.

I can't believe how much I miss him, how much I hate not waking up with him, how little I want to DO anything, because he's not here to do it with me, and at this point he might be away from me for 10 more fucking months.

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Misery of the Missing

So lots has gone on since my last entry... ala my boyfriend still being my boyfriend, and my having fallen in love with him. This happens to be just a week or two before he has now happened to fly away from me. For real. Ain't love grand?!

I actually do love him, and for the past several weeks have been having the time of my life. He did indeed move in, and plans were for an entire summer's stay, but right now he's home and in need of some documentation before he can come back for the rest of summer.

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