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Confused and need help


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I am a fourteen year old, female, music loving teenager. With one difference. I am bisexual.
Only recently [recently as in, like, 5 days ago!] did I tell anyone that. My friend, and my BEST friend.
Oh, the most important detail. I am crazily in love with my best friend. Maybe not crazily, that was the wrong word. Just...she is so perfect. We do everything together. I only met her just over a year ago. But still.
I told her, via IM, and she said she thought she might be too. I didn't tell her that I like her, just that I was bi. Now she practically knows my life story.

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Thank god for Oasis

Something terrible happened this past week, I lost my journal....

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Of all places to leave a purse...

Why MIT? D:

Okay, so my purse has been missing for a while now, I just hadn't noticed until recently. Last week I went to a MySql meeting with my dad, that was being held in a room at MIT.

Sora called me during the meeting, so I took my phone out of my purse, and it ended up in my pocket. Which is why I have my phone now.

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