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Today I realize that I'm with a dom transman; an intimate master in bed, a heart that beats in ways so human, a mind that is aware of its own ups and downs.

We're lucky to be, to have found each other. I'm in love and, juvenile as it is, that's all that matters in my life at this moment.

I'd better get my head together for my avocado and potato and golden beet salads this afternoon. Oy vey! School XD

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so recently the univ or richmond ran this letter in their student paper:

i think it captures some feelings of those who are still in the closet.

Thoughts anyone?

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Outing Ourselves

Just a bit of 411 for the community at large -

We've decided to come out of the closet instead of trying to cover it up, which would never work anyway. Besides, many of you already know. So here it is:

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It Was the Worst of Times. Now It's the Best of Times...

Things have changed for a hugely fundamental way. I can't really explain without a long, involved story, but it has to do with something many of you know about - a certain...guy. Let's just say that this heretofore missing ghost returned a couple foggy nights ago, and we had some very encouraging words.

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The Ballad of Jon

Okay, it's not a ballad. I just liked the title. I don't usually do this here, but my family reads my blog at times, and I'm trying to fool them into thinking I'm getting over Jon. If you're feeling prone to depression right now, I'd skip this post. It's pretty bleak throughout. I needed a place to put it all though, so here it is.

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After a week in hell, drowning myself in coffee, burying my head under a heap of crap crap crapy textbooks that are just worse than shit, it's finally OVERRRR!

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Crooked spoons

you know those times when you wish you had a controlling person in your life? the kind of people who would tell you what THEY think you should do? i want one. most people want them to get the fuck out but i want one. i hate being stuck in a rut. but i wont exagerate on the rut.

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It’s not a need or a want but a right.
To fly and submerge and feel, no not feel, desire.
Closer and unreachable, it’s never enough.
You give the needed but it’s never sufficient
We always want more, I always want more.

To let go seems easy to write.
To write is never easy to express.
I hold on, still holding.
I open my eyes and its reality
But it feels like my world.

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my love life is horrid! i have never had a stright love life and that's great in my eyes but my first love ever raped me and it was five years before i could tell any one,(it was in 4th grade) so if you want(no pressure) send advise to so i can read it. or a PM here.
thanx, jacjessen

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love lives

i jessen a.christensen need help with mine! type me at if you can help me.

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Isomnia, yay!

Okay, I wrote something earlier today, well, yesterday, but I felt the need to write again, so here I am.. It's, like, 2:40 in the morning now and I'm not supposed to be on the computer now, but who cares?

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social vibe

Sign up now, and give to charity, all u gotta do is sign up and with each person u get to sign up ur donating to a charity and it dont cost u a cent just sign on to and sign up its that simple

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nuthin like a runaway dyke to put the spook in you.

so... one of my friends ran away. she left a suicide note saying that she was gunna drown herself. but she didnt she has been gone for like... a few days and... her brother saw her but she booked it. why does she insist on putting the stress on all of us?

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my only girl

so yea about 4 months ago my gf got engaged to this guy that she barely even knew so yea well she never told me that she was engaged, i ended up finding out from my friend savi so yea. we were in an open relationship so we had bfs and all. i ended up breaking up with her on her birthday. i had forgotten it was her bday.

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Christianity and Homosexuality..

I have been asking myself lately, 'do I want to live in the life of God?' and all the time the answer is not clear because I find all the negative thoughts from Christians and all the negativity in the bible. I mean, I don't want to be hated by someone who may or may not really exist. I just think.. Don't you want to at least try to live in the life of god?

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Last Dream Standing

This time my entry's about Lass.

For the past few weeks I've been plagued by spontaneous dreams about Lass ever since our friendship entered its silent desert. This is the third time its had her and the second time its been ONLY her. And it seems like each dream connects to something I was going to confront her about in real-time.

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Jungles of Truth

Where has my life gone?

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Sleep Deprivation is Not As Fun As It Seems

I am thoroughly exhausted. Sunday night I got 3 hours of sleep but I loved it because after 12:30-ish I felt AMAZING, like a sudden burst of happiness and energy and for once everything seemed like it would be back on track.

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oh my ghaa! LOVE TRIANGLE!

okay so...
i like a few people,
some more than others.
im not going to use full names but we'll just call them "M,ke,do,da,"
m:the girl who lives to far away and i dont know if she likes me or not but she seems to be getting over her ex.

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