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All The Things I Never Meant

I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to make you cry
and everytime I cut myself
you held me close and asked me why.

I never meant for you to see
what was hidden underneath
my tattered clothes, my hurting smile
beneath it all my secret grief.

I never meant for you to catch me
I didn't want you to care
You should have let me fall, baby
leave my heart laid bare.

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Love not Hate

Okay so Today I was on youtube and Matthew Lush (some of you with
myspace may know him as 'Gay God') and he was talking about how we
should love people that hate us, because if we don't it just starts a

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"Oh? Him?"

Myke and me were at our home,
it's really really funny.
His friend is talking to him,
while I was watching T.V.

"That boy I see Jaize with...
Who is he?"
Myke smiles as his answer forms. I can see it from the corner of my eyes.
"Oh? Him?
He's just the boy that makes Ronni smile,
and think. He makes her fall in love."
Myke said.
Corny sniggered.
I smiled.

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My philosophical questions for awhile...

love...what is emotion evoked by the release of hormones in the brain and the rest of the nervous system? is it a feeling of ecstacy when one is deeply connected to another? is it both?

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Kisses Between Kisses

You life my shirt off.
I lift off yours.
I run my fingers across
your toned, firm torso,
between kisses,
caressing your tightly packed abs,
slowly finding my way
to your waist and belt buckle.
I feel you find my
waist and buckle and
it loosens, oh, so slowly,
leaving me in suspense.
Between kisses,
we both make our way
to the bed across the room

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Gay Field Test!!!!

So, I saw this speaker today at a PFLAG meeting, my mom dragged me along to, and he was saying something pretty cool which is that a major determining factor in someones sexuality is the amount of androgyn in the womb, gay guys get less, lesbians get more; transversally, women get less men get more.

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Okay, I seriously need some help. So, I am a senior in high school and play the straight role. Some people tend to think I am gay sometimes but not all. I mean, I dont act it, I think. Well anyways, I met this guy in one of my classes. His name is DEE and he is a freshman. But I'd say he looks and acts much older. Seriously, I am not attracted so hispanic men but, he is gorgeous.

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the perks of being a lover/liver/giver

Most of the time you only hear the downsides of being gay--the struggles, the fights, the inconsistencies and intolerances that are thrown our way each day. It's not hard to wonder why some people will try and convert themselves and to make a choice like reparative therapy.

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Of Cooties, Jealousy, and Cookies.

I'm dating this girl named Jackie. I like her, and my feelings are growing. We were dating off and on for two weeks and had a 1 1/2 week break and then we started dating again.

I get so jealous because she talks about other girls AND guys all the time, and doesn't show me much affection. And when we're in public she pays more attention to everyone that's not me. I hate it.

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there are some things i wish to say

i wrote this a few days after my girlfriend broke up with me. i felt regret so strong i couldn't find words to express it (until i wrote this), because i had never told her how much i love her. i guess i'm small with words and we were just too young and tender for it all. she broke up with me because she has too many emotional issues right now to handle a relationship.

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you are my addiction

this poem was written during a really emotion-fueled few minutes and edited very minimally not long afterwards, so i don't know how coherent it is. anyways,

you are my addiction
my coffee & cigarettes
i breathe you and your blood
it runs through my veins
pumping my heart
in rythm with yours

you are what wakes me up in the morning
and what i listen to at night before i go to sleep

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Intorducing The Queer Love Project

Hi All,

I just started The Queer Love Project ( I was hoping you would be able to take a look and give this new idea some needed publicity if you like the idea. Here is some information on the project:

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Musical Theatre And Innocent Love Doomed

I've been listening to a millieu of music from various musicals of late. Mostly Gypsy and Les Miz. It entertains me, and Ethel Merman seems to counteract depression.

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I wish with all my heart...

i wish with all my heart i could just say "i'm a lesbian, deal with it!" but i cant.. and its killing me for not being happy with who i am

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Vagueness is key.
That is, of course
if you dream to be comprehensible.
Organic in fashion
Wrought of old
and new.
Customs binding,
lacking subtlety.
if nothing else.
Maddeningly simple.
Tastefully erotic.
The undulating agitation,
Taboo, such as all pleasures seem.
Sinister inequality.
Undeniably barbarian.
It creates a facet
of society –
a “Bohemian”

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So I watched some of the movie Click [avec Adam Sandler] last night. It was decent, some parts were very funny but the majority of it was lacklustre by far. After reading myself to sleep a few hours later though, I drifted off imaging having a remote control or some means of pausing things, and talking to my crush (or engaging in eye flirtation), hitting pause and then kissing his lips, mmmmm.

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New Blog Entry

Just posted a new blog entry. If you want to check it out, here's the link:

CAUTION: Contains sadness and self-pity. Read at your own risk.

Now I'm going to go try and finish Chapter Seven.

Hugs amigos.

"After all, tomorrow is another day." - Scarlett O'Hara

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back to basics, i suppose....

this is sorta like my 'about me' introduction thingie, lol, so i'm gonna tell you a little about myself. i'm 26 (almost 27 :*X). i'm african-american with black hair that turns red in the winter; a gift from my irish grandfather. i love emo music!

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True Love?

This is slightly random, but I wanted to know how many of you believe in true love. And for those of you who do, do you think that it only happens once? Or could there be more than one person out there for you? In other words, is there only one true love for each person, or do we get another chance if we bung it up?

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Where is the Love?

Hi Peoples,
I just found this song on Youtube, and I really like its message. I thought I would share it. Here is the URL if the song doesn't embed:

I hope this works...

By the way, I also thought that I would remind you how much I love you all. Have a great summer!

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