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burning, courageous love

The girl I'm in love with is at home now, in her quaint two-story Wisconsin house on the fringe of the metropolis. She’s probably lying in her bed reading King Lear, trying to catch up to me in the Shakespearian tragedies, a little distracted by the memories of her time spent here with me for the past 6 days.

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My Sunshine

i am in love, and my heart is singing
my soul is lighter
and my mind is ringing
i'm in love

i didn't know what to say
couldn't find the words
but she's in love with me
she said so

i am in love, and my heart is singing
my soul is lighter
and my mind is ringing
i'm in love

i never dared hope
i went easy on her
didn't force my feelings on her
and gods oh gods she loves me

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I'm back

okay, this is weird. i haven't been on, more than a year. but i'm sorta back, i suppose. god, my life is so screwed up right now.

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how i see love: me and a beautiful girl

She doesn't need to be beautiful. I know that I would love her more than the stars, or god, or my family, or my dog even if she were scarred, or awkward, or overweight. But she is gorgeous.

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Wishful Thinking

It’s wishful
Thinking that you’re going to be with me
And we’ll be together forever
Which is a long time
To not really understand
The feeling within
Me and you is entirely impossible
To keep going on like this
Feelings are so hard to deal with
My love for you going one way
Off the road of our destinies
I look at you and think

I’m hoping

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Foreign Beauty

[Long time no write, eh? Don't worry, I'm still alive. And still writing love poetry. Yeesh. It's kind of funny, I've never experienced anything remotely similar to what I wrote about in this poem, but here it is. I pretty much just wanted to use the word "translation" in a poem. No lie.]

Foreign beauty, your smiles need no translation.
Though your words dissolve to letters without

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how i'm probably in love

There is nothing but McLachlan’s Adia in my head right now. I am trying not to think about her - that girl I've gotten to know so ridiculously well. The truth is—funny how I invariably tell the truth to myself in writing, if nowhere else—that I saw a video on YouTube tonight, randomly, with two girls standing in a bluish dim room, looking at each other.

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Love at First Right

Man walks (glides—steps singing
softly beauty’s verse) and
in a second makes my all.
I see beyond the air,
a crown of stars around
his head and dawn
blooming in the heart,
while cosmos dapple
naked knuckles.
I don’t know this prince,
but I want to
be his kingdom.
His skin must feel
spring after winter.

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I hate you every time you walk into my room
Because I think your going to yell at me as you did before
I hate you every time you stare
Because I think you're glaring as you did before
I hate you every time you cuss
Because I think you'll blow up as you did before
I hate you everytime you call my name
Because I think you'll blame me as you did before
I hate you when you get mad

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It's official.

I have a boyfriend :o

I think I've mentioned him before in my journal but that was probably back when we met in this nightclub like last year or whenever. Well anyway we like saw each other for awhile recently and then he told me he wanted to tell people I was his boyfriend, and I was like, well I don't see a problem with that lol. And there you have it.

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If Love Could Speak

My dreams find slumber in your vining arms,
And awaken through your eyes, that dawn gently.
Your musics, musing slowing through the air,
Fly in a clef beyond imagination—
In a heaven which God is yet to build.
You’re an impossible, made possible (made grace).
I’ve found that this belief (a truth) has grown
To live in my thoughts, too. I shine for you.

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I did something really fucking crazy yesterday...I cut "LOVE" on my right leg....OxO

Then, a few hours later, I cut "NO" above it, although I'm not sure why I did that. And on Thursday, I reopened my scar from over a year ago.

I tried drawing something short of a star on my knee, but it didn't really work out...O.o;;

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Here goes...

I was reading a post someone made a while ago and that reminded me / inspired me to tell my story of "recognition"(I guess you could call it that...).
This is going to be rather long-winded or I may leave out parts so it won't make sense... So if you read this and have any questions, just ask...

My History:

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These Dark Waters

i wrote this a couple of months ago about some one who means everything to me although we aren't as close as we used to be and i don't see or speak to her much and just wanted to share it with people.

These Dark Waters
As I tread these dark waters once again, my mind in termoil, my heart breaks with the clouds over head and once again you appear.

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Anatomy of Love

What hand is it, encroaching fast
That steals my adoration locked
With keys constructed by the past
And circumstances seen and stocked?

That grips with fingers, warm with love
Around blood’s throbbing temple in
My chest constricting from a shove
Of heaven dancing on my skin

What eyes are they, that catch my stare
And blossom like the sky reborn?

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my love story...well kinda lol

it's amazing how now anyone can look back and say that "that's what started it all" lol. or something like that...for myself idk ask anyone that knew before i came out. they would've said that they'd imagine me marrying a guy and have the whole "2 or 3 kids and a house with a white picket fence" haha well maybe not that...but you know what i mean.

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i should have told her...


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Be Thankful. i am entry hog lol...sorrie...i'm just in the mood to write. well i've wrote these awhile ago but yeah...wanted to share, so this is ANOTHER of my poems...enjoy!

[Title]; Be Thankful
[Written]; October 13, 2005

as the pain in my heart
begins to throb
i wonder how god
could rob me of this peace
why is it so hard to deal with the pain

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a day once treasured, but now means nothing... is the day we would've made 4 months....but instead it's the day that we make a month from our break up...blah...when i woke up this morning, it didn't hit me until i was washing dishes before leaving to go to the bus was like a...idk...but it was like BAM "it's been a month since she went out of my life"...

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WHY i cant i find someone special

for once in my life, well im only 16, but i just want to be in a decent relationship. i say things like that all the time but when i find someone i turn them away. i dont know what my problem is and i just need someone to talk to and someone who will listen

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