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Love Is

[I've posted this before, but now I've spiffied it up quite a bit and wanted to share it in all of its revised glory. Plus, nata comments last time I posted! Jigga-what?]

This kiss will split the sky
The heavens retreating
From a holier domain
And dawn’s fierce chariot
Once invincible in flame
Will loiter in fright
From a magic
Brighter than the glare
That ensorcells its
Solar skin

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I can't even think of a clever title...

So I did it again this weekend. I chickened out. I spent the weekend at her house again. I even took off work again yesterday to be with her longer. I can't believe this. I'm risking my job over a damn crush. No. Love. I can't get her out of my head. The way she lets me hold her when we're alone. Anyway. I was going to talk to her. Either that or I was just going to kiss her. I even started to ask her what she felt last weekend when I did kiss her. "Hey can I ask you somehting?" I said, speaking at a thousand km a second. "Last weekend at Teri's........Nevermind."

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Her eyes told me it may never be
As her lips closed my sentence
Saying he wasn't going to be there for her
My heart trips and falls as my ears think about this
'I would be there for you'
The voice dies in my throat -
now is not the time
Her tears are in my eyes
I cry for her
She doesn't understand, thinks she's done wrong
I feel my world evaporate

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