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on going poem...whatcha think?

soothe thy inner flame
it burns thy soul and body
not known is it though

in the name of both
the god and three-fold goddess
may this be true love

in apothicare
our eyes meet over monkshood
and our hands both touch

as we both reach for
the same parcel of vervain
we become entranced

his eyes bewitch me
rings of purest, clearest blue
his soul on display

skin of cream-soaked silk
pale as moonlight on the sea
smooth as quicksilver

as i ask his name
i scrounge for a parchment sheet
found i scrawl contacts

the next day i see
a number and 'unknown call'

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our mother's children in the night, what music they make!

and trust me, it ain't the mormon tabernacle chior! my life is horrid, but the bright spot is that i've found a new friend on the net... it's quite fun to hang out with them! they are receptive to every prob. i have, it's great!

when was your first experiance of TLTDNSIN?

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I'm gunna get there someday...

She tells me she loves me every day, multiple times. We fight only because I start it. But I've always been that way. There are nights where I think I might die from loving her too much. Because anybody else's name on her lips breaks my hearts. We once made a million promises and created our dreams on the silly hopes of 15 year old kids. We're gunna get there someday.

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I feel like dancing

I'm listening to The Fray at my girlfriends house right now and that makes me feel like dancing. I'm wearing her shirt, because I like her clothes. And Her keyboard is nifty. It has LED lights under the letters. And I am highly amused by it. I like shiny blue things. And apparently, she likes having her hands on me...yep yep, not that I'm complaining.

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