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Favorite Song

Title fairly self-explanatory. I'll expand it to love songs, bands, genres (especially if it's not particularly popular), ballads, favorite live show, most underrated music genius ever, etc.

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Too Tough

Apearently when things get rough
you like to turn your back and run
You've left me here all alone
To fend for myself without you

Do you just leave when it's too tough
Run away from all of your problems
Do you just leave when it's too tough
Leave everyone who cares behind

Apearently we didn't matter enough
At least not enough to keep you here

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Love At First Bite

Watching through the glass what she cannot have
Afraid she ruins everything she touches
She just craves someones love and trust with no demand

She prays for love at first bite
Hoping for someone to save her soul
Wishing that this could be the one
She prays for love at first bite

She's looking through the distance at what she cannot touch
Hoping she is not the monster she feels she is

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Just Another Game

White lines, dangerous curves, and all that toys with your nerves
Snapping cameras, strobe lights everything flashing in your mind

It's just another game that she plays
Just another tool used to manipulate
Just a stragety to keep you on your toes

All the things that she does
Are to keep you wrapped around her finger (x2)

Sleekly elegant and so smooth are used to, to blackmail you

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My first entry. and it's not an intro. xD

Hi everybody :D this is my first oasis blog post thingy. Actually, my first blog post anywhere. o.O

But it's not about me. It's about a song that I've fallen in love with, called L.E.S. Artistes by Santogold.

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