Maine sucks

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Still Surviving

Well, I woke up with a better attitude today. Since I can't change the fact that I have to pay this money back before I can leave Maine, I'm just going to focus on the things that I can do while I'm here. Last night I thought of a whole new Firma novel, which I actually can't tackle for awhile since I've promised to write a lesbian series after this trilogy.

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Stuck in Maine for Another Year

Well, I've finally accepted the fact that, as things look now, I'm not going to be able to move to Seattle for another year. I mean, I'm still sending books off in hopes that someone will review one or pass one on to someone who can help me get some ka-ching in the cash register. But until I can get out of Maine, there's really very little I can do to get the word out that I haven't already done.

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