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Here we are

I've come back a few times and visited what I have written here. Most of it was a lot of trying to prove to myself who I was, and denying that I wasn't what I wanted to be.

I looked back at the entry before this one - I quit high school three times. I went to a normal high school, left for legitimate reasons. Tried again, left for the same reasons, and the third time..
I left because leaving before left me in a position where I was to be doomed to be in Highschool until..

Uh.. Now.

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Just a few simple questions on the above mentioned topic.

How long in your opinion should a couple be together before marriage, does time really matter if the feelings are true?

Does what society think play a role in your idea of marriage? For example, issues of gay marriage or only knowing someone a month and getting engaged.

What are your thoughts?

-Chels with

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UK Present Miscegenations Law.

For marriage or civil partnership to be contracted in the UK between a UK National and a Non-EU citizen, a certificate of approval for C.M./C.P. is required to be presented to celebrant. However an exemption is made for Church of England ceremonies where marriage license can be requested from ecclesiastical court.

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