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Nothing Sweeter Than the Brine! (A Love Letter to Violence)

Recently I've discovered just how intense my personal propensity for violence is; that horrid thrill that comes of bruising skin and tearing flesh brings me a joy unmatched by any form of sexual intimacy. Naturally, my horror at the idea of harming a person who doesn't wish to be harmed hasn't been at all diminished- but where I once thought myself completely incapable of violence, I find that I'm certainly quite capable and very, very willing.

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Flagellation- A Poem

Free will

No Thrill

Since when did I care?

Beat me

I'm free

The pain feels so good.

I want

your lash

make me scream and cry.

make me

your slave

c'mon and make me die.

Hurt me,

crush me,

burn me with your cigarette,

fuck me,

bite me,

make me be your little pet.

I am


for your lovely knives.

Cut me,

slash me,

I give you my tithes.



tie me to the chair.

beat me,


Damn, it's only fair.


at least,

tonight ends again.

And I

Get up,

and whip you, my friend.

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