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Been a while,lil update

Summer has been really great! I went to the American Idol tour when they came to Staples Center earlier this month:). My personal life is still the same as mentioned in my previous entry:D,had some probs. w/ my family recently but hopefully,it'll get better. I start school on the 18th and I'm taking Intro to Oceanography(M/W),Math 40(T/T) and Health ScienceM/W).

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mini update

I got a B+ on my Project 2 and I've started work on Project 3 already. I didn't get a good grade on my Math Exam 4 but my teacher told me to keep trying and that I can recover. I hated that for 3 of the ?'s,I had right numbers but just the wrong signs!

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I'm currently watching season 5 of Oz,and just got done doing 1.7 of my Math hwk. I still need to do 1.8,2.1 and 2.2 before Tues. I'm also going to go to the Tutoring Center more next week in preparation for the Exam on Thurs.. I've done pretty well for my 1st 2 quizzes, I got 17/20 and 13/20. Before I used to get like 6 and 10's and shit.

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I had an OJ for breakfast,then watched The View,and went to the bookstore and got for Math, a soda and found out I only need supplies for Art(which I can find out what and get on Monday). I also got the prices/titles for my sisters' books. Man,is she going to pay A LOT if she gets em there and not online.

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why i don't like math

hey...well i stumbled onto a site called and it's really neat, they have poems and stories....really cool. i just finished reading a story called "Why I Don't Like Math" and it was good...well i thought it was good haha. so yeah just wanted ta let ya guys in on the site and go check it out...pretty neat.

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Telling a friend, Math exams, and Magazine wallpaper

With a little bit of past history thrown in the mix.

So today I went and saw one of my friends who I haven’t seen in about a month because of my job (I work full time at a Feed and tack store). First thing I did was tell her I'm a lesbian. She cooed at me, said how cute, and hugged me. Not the reaction I expected at the time but now that I think about it she probably wasn't surprised. For the year we've know each other I've never had a crush on a boy. Also while going through months of crushing on one of our friends (who is bi and I will call S.) I cried on her shoulder many of times. It wasn't that I liked S. that bothered me , it was how she kept running me in circles and took advantage of how strong my crush was. Basically she would hold hands with me, cuddle, and kiss, say she didn't want a relationship then repeat all over again for three months until one day her ex boyfriend came back into the picture, they got back together and I was finally told she had never liked me that way. Needless to we don't talk anymore.

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