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The wonders of the internet

I love how every time i need to study or something i always end up on the internet. Finals week! Sooo excited. My aunt just left to go to the airport. She's flying back to Arizona tonight. I'm going to miss her...
I really want to watch The Return of the King...but i do need to study.
Anyway, how is everyone??

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For some reason today was just a really good day.
I took photos, i walked out of school and there was a rainbow. I hung out with the guy i like in 3 of my periods. I listened to awesome music and i saw old friends i hadn't seen in forever.
Life is good.

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Pizza and procrastination

I love pizza for breakfast! It's so yummy. Along with chocolate dipped shortbread...i'm so healthy. Right now I should be doing math, but who really want to anyway? So instead i'm gonna listen To Adam lambert and then go over to a friends house.
On another note, my parents got back from their vacation in Hawaii. They brought me back an awesome sweatshirt and a beautiful key chain.
I'm super excited and grateful. =D

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Adam Lambert and wallets.

I love shopping. I bought a new wallet today, it's like teal, I got it at forever 21 after putting a leopard print trench coat on hold. After buying food i didn't have enough for the trench coat =(
Has anybody bought Adam Lamberts album For Your Entertainment? Probably since it's been out forever. Well I love it. I've been listening to it all day..well and Lady Gaga.

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