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Yeah so the Where the Wild Things Are movie comes out today! HELLA YES!!!

I found out that my friend G who prefers to be called Kila (huge deathnote fan) decided to start the rumor. She just wanted to see how I'd react. She also found out the 2 girls I was talking about the homecoming thing: Attracta and Penelope. I love the name penelope, it looks so cool XD
Oh yeah, it was my friend Casey who helped me solve the turmoil :D

If you look back to the previous journal i mentioned, you'll see I listed the initials of the girls, so casey helped me clear that up.

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Yep, long time no see

Yeah so I haven't been on in quite a while.

Lemmie start with recent stuff and work back, cuz it's easier to remember that way XD

Part of the reason I haven't visited, I think, is b/c I've been off one of my meds for about a week, but I got it yesterday so's I'm set :D. Yeah, my doc wrote the wrong prescription >:o... He's been getting very bad with things like that, even tho it was only like 2 letters (XR... or is it ER?) to denote it's extended release.

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I had a panic attack last thursday. It sucked really bad. At least I was able to get to the nurse right away and start to control it. The major problem was that it wasn't provoked by anything that I can think of >:o

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I've been feeling bipolar recently. Or detached. Or something. Like, my eyes feel tired as hell, I'm sore from doing a 5k, but I want to like, skip around or sing to some song playing really loud or something. I feel like one of those little kids in a home video, sitting there playing quietly with fascinated eyes before suddenly crying...then being comforted and squealing happily and throwing their arms around. Especially the throwing arms around part. I'm kinda rambling aren't I?

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So. Fuckin. Angry

Oh. My. Fuckin. God.



Fuck my FUCKING LIFE!!!!!!!!

Life does NOT stop for people. The fabric of the universe will continue to undulate with the movement of strings, people are going to die no matter what, and dammit, everyone (including me) thinks that their little EGO is SO IMPORTANT! Well you know what? FUCK YOU! FUCK ME! FUCK EVERYTHING, cause none of it matters.

I want coffee now.

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Good News and Bad. Im home sick :(
Good news is...NO SCHOOL!!!!
Bad news. I feel horrible and Im away from my 4 awesome friends. Yes i only have 4 friends....sad i know. They are all girls but i dont mind :) They are sooooo funny and i always laugh with them :) I have no guy friends....Odd since i AM A GUY! But no guys like me....I think its how I dress :-/ Im not sure but they are all @$$ and can suck my....I wont fniish that sentence for ur sake.

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