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I Already Love This Place

Welll... where to start.
Hello Journal
My name is Rina.
Not my real name, but... YEAH!!!
I write. A lot...
Less than I used to. I really miss it.
But I go on Queer Attitude a lot (LGBT site)
And I post what I write on Wattpad (Writing site)
And this is like both of them combined; like writing for gay people.
Not that Watty doesn't have gay people... but...
There's less Straight people!
Okai, that was Stracist.
but everyone's a little bit Stracist sometimes.
Although there's a lot more Gaycist people... and even more racist people.

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a hampster gave me herpes

so apperantly there's a downside to being as fabulous, charming, handsome, smart, skilled and wise as i am, you have the ability to realize how wonderfully shallow and empty your life is.
i don't really want to say a lot today, just don't go thinking i'm some emo fucker who hates himself.

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