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why is it that meth is my only call for sanity
i ask you to marry me and all you are is mad at me
needle in my arm i watch the blood move
why is it that this drug is the only thing to sooth-
the pain that i get from being around you
i sit back on my bed and turn my world blue
i wake up hours later sweaty as hell
i roll over and the voice in my head starts to yell

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my girlfriend.. cheating, drugs..

I love her, God, I do. She's everything for me and without her in my life, I don't know what I would do. But, she's admitted to cheating. Many times. And she does drugs- the list seems to keep growing. Back in March when we first started talking she, by maybe...October?, explained that from March through maybe the summer, she looked at our relationship as... I guess a fling.

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