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Baby Remember My Name: Book Review

by -Ruby-

I know they say “don’t judge a book by its cover”… but when you pick up this book, dark and glossy, with a front cover of two chicks making out and back cover of anthology editor Michelle Tea in a tank top revealing her sexy tattoos… you just sense that you’re in for something good. Oh baby, you’re SO right. Baby Remember My Name is a collection of 22 short stories by young women from across America. They’re provocative, poetic, cute, funny, bittersweet, heartbreaking, raw, and real.

“Juan the Brave” is about a young girl named Erica, who wants to be a boy and struggles to fit into her tight Latino family and community. “T-Ten” is narrated by ten-year-old Chelsea, who’s trying to stay out of trouble with her mom and teacher, while attempting to scrape up enough cash to buy birthday presents for herself and her twin sister. “Snow Fight” takes you through the wild day-to-day adventures in a tough “ghetto” inner-city high school. “Sunshine in the Fat End” is told by Jessie, an adolescent girl living in a trailer park with an autistic brother, crackhead mom and her abusive boyfriend. In “Part 1: Tumbleweed” Scarlet shares her journey from New York to California with her best friend and sometimes lover, working as a stripper and sometimes prostitute.

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sister spit

according to my profile, i started an account here 14 weeks ago. i posted a few times, but i never ended up writing journal entries. i went through a paranoia phase when i was sure that my parents were reading everything i decided to post online...but i think i'm past that by now. so...here goes.

hey girls! Sister Spit hits the road...

Hey everyone,

Although I was trying to get a Michelle Tea interview done for Oasis before this tour starts, (based on me finishing her latest novel and our schedules aligning) you should still know either way that there is an amazing group of queer girl performers coming through the US soon.

The lineup includes the ever-amazing Michelle Tea; Ali Liebegott, author of the IHOP Papers; Eileen Myles; as well as five writers featured in the collection: Baby Remember My Name: An Anthology of New Queer Girl Writing. For complete bios and such go to: http://sisterspitnextgen.com/whosinthevan.html

For a list of their tour dates, go to http://sisterspitnextgen.com/schedule.html. Still a lot of tentative dates in there, so rather link you to something that will be updated more often.

And, if you don't see them coming to your town, but you see an opening in the schedule where your town is between two others, help make it happen. It's grassroots, baby.

Michelle Tea's 'Valencia' provides a guided tour through the urban dyke scene

By Jeff Walsh

If Michelle Tea ever has any regrets in life, it certainly won't be that she didn't live life to its fullest. Tea recently won the Lambda Literary Award for best lesbian fiction for her novel, Valencia, which documents one year in her life in San Francisco's Mission District. Valencia is a roller coaster ride through the urban dyke scene with Tea giving a guided tour of relationships, rubber gloves, sex work, and dead-end jobs. Any of our readers who want to wonder what it would be like to move to San Francisco and jump into the scene, Valencia is a good entry point. It will excite and scare you, as anything good in life should.

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