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The meaning of life.

I often think too much for my own good. today i found myself thinking about the ever on going debates about the meaning of life. my viewpoint on the matter is "it should remain unsolved"

"Not Knowing" keeps our minds thinking and when we think we create, discover, and innovate. if we were to solve every equation, answer every question, or fix every problem. life would be pointless. making the entire search for the meaning of life then pointless. mystery keeps us going. With new creations, innovations, and discoveries, we receive new ways to indulge and enjoy our life.

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My mind

I wrote this when i was trying to figure out if i was insane or just trying to justify my actions by that thought.

I scare myself
I trick myself every day
I go through all the motions
of a normal human being
But in my head
Youll find im not the same
Anxiety is to classify me
But Im not sure
If this thought is pure
Is it all a dillusion
Just a boring ammusion

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