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Came out

On January 20th i came out to my mom. Boy was that the worst mistake i made. lol i mean she went through a heckload of personalities in a matter of 1 & 1/2 days.

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My debacle

Dear Journal,

Most of us would like to think that our parents are the most trust worthy of all people and would do nothing to disrespect and or go against that. Sadly, that would sometimes mean having to live a double life to please them.

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Christmas Break!

Hey everyone. It's 12/13/12. I am now 15 as of November 30th. I'm going to start there :)


My Daughter Just Told Me She Is Gay?1

I am a Foster Parent to a 14 year old girl. She has been in my and my husband's care for almost 6 months now... we love her very much :)

My daughter has to go to weekly therapy sessions, because of things that happened in her biological mothers home. As I was picking her up recently from therapy, her Therapist pulled me to the side. She told me that my daughter revealed to her that she was a LESBIAN!!

I was (am) in complete shock! Well... we did suspect that she was Gay, because of her masculine dress and ways... but to hear it confirmed... we are just torn about this.

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Telling my mom and aunt

Ok, I first wrote this a week or so ago, but I accidently shut my computer off and lost it. So I will try to rewrite it as best I can.
Well my mom, aunt, and I went to eat one night, and I decided to see what they'd say. So I used the classic- my friend- excuse, but it worked even better becuase my friend actually is. I asked them what they thought of her being bi. My mom said
"I think she's confused on which gender she wants to fu4k"

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So my mother is now in the Intensive care unit with her spleen almost three times its normal size. They suspect that the leukemia has taken hold in the spleen as well. After a biopsy they are probably going to remove the spleen and possibly the gall bladder as well. so my graduation will come and go in a flash surround by taking care of my mother in recovery. Joy!
so I'm getting ready while she's in the hospital by wasting as much time as I possibly can on me. lots of computer, music and dancing. with interval homework, projects and tests.

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It's truly of great importance

Although it pains me greatly to post thrice in the span of four and twenty hours, this truly merits immediate note.

Drumroll please.....

I just came out to my parents!

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Vampires Cannot Eat Asiago Cheese

One incident too many, apparently. My cousin-once-removed, whom no one in my immediate family had seen in ten years, mistook me for a boy at Thanksgiving, to be corrected by my father. Today, word of the incident got to my mother. It a shopping trip. Curses.

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The limits of 'Okay'

My mom just told me she wouldn't be okay with me being transgender. This bothers me. I mean, I don't think I am transgender, not completely, not even mostly, but I am closer to being so than most people are.

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Just now

(Just now, during dinner. Sentences in italics but not parentheses represent my unspoken thoughts)

Mom: You seem especially down today.
Me: No.
Mom: You do, though.
Me: I feel no more down than usual. Really, I don't. Although I can see that I've been acting that way. Maybe it's just a weekend thing.
Mom: It seems like more. You are usually down?
Me: A little bit.
Mom: Usually a little bit down... Why is that?

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So painless... It hardly felt like coming out...

I had always figured coming out to my parents would be an emotional and tear-filled time, that I would plan for it for days or weeks beforehand, that it wouldn't happen until I had a relatively solid label for my queeritude, or else that one of them would just ask bluntly and outright, giving me no time to prepare, and the emotional and tear-filled scene would follow. I had also figured that something would be fundamentally a little bit different afterward - maybe just a load off my chest, maybe some sort of change in the family atmosphere. But this... Not what I expected at all.

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Housewife rap- funny

Perhaps one of my favorite videos of the moment is a mother who wrote a rap about her daily chores as a mother. Warning though- there is a bit of "colorful language" involved.

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GAH! and other onomatopoeias...

My mom's in one of those bitchy moods again. It sucks. She gets like this every now and then, and it's really annoying b/c she basically blames everything on me and my sis, and makes me fix/move/clean it up >:o

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My mother talked to me about getting pregnancy today... bleh.

So yeah. I had asked my mom if we could go to Starbucks. So we do, and while we're there, she talks to me about when I should have sex, and about pregnancy, and the whole straight sex talk. She doesn't know I'm queer, so I was like "Omigod" through the whole thing. And then she makes sex references, and I'm thinking, "TMI. I'm a lesbian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It was surreal.

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OK, gonna try to make this make sense, without making it insanely long. So...well I've been up in the mountains for the first half of the weekend with K, at her family's timeshare house in Keystone. So that was freakin' awesome.

Then I get home today and kinda settle in for a bit.

Then my mom's like "Hey Emily can I talk to you?" So we go up to my room and she sits on my bed and I kinda stand and look at her like "OK what?" and she goes "You can sit down" and I'm thinking like "Holy shit what terrible news are you about to share??"

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I'm feeling very unbalanced and unbalanced. I'm craving a lot of attention as of late. And it would be fine because I'm getting a lot of attention because suddenly it seems like a whole lot of people have come out of the wood works and either like me or really like giving me attention. I get attention from a lot of guys and sometimes it's nice and sometimes it's just.. makes me feel like I need a shower afterwards. But it's not the attention I need . I know that I'm a teenager and I know that I'm 17, but I want the attention of my parents and my family.

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Brain explosion

My brain just splattered everywhere. FUCK. That is kind of why I hate and love B all at the same time. She's an evil bitch, but damn she can be really hot sometimes. I think I just like the idea of being dominated.

And fuck this is awkard typing in teh computer lab at my school. Thankfully no one knows who B is. I mean they do, just they don't know her as B. lol

Maux-- I feel kind of bad for leaving you there. T-T That isn't really what a friend should do and I'm sorry that is kind of my shit to deal with and not yours. So I feel like pond scum.

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man, i just worked for 9:30 am to 9 pm...thats a lot for a partime job...IM tired!!!!!

get this my mom wants me to try to get on that mtv show MADE. hahaha i kinda think it would be interesting...but wat would i be MADE into?...hmmm

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Guess who has to dress up in a big monkey suit tomorrow? That's right...

See, a few days ago my mom asked me if I could help out at the book fair at my siblings' elementary school. (My school has a year-round calendar, and I'm on break right now, so I'm available.) She looked really flustered and stressed. Apparently, they need someone to dress in a giant Curious George suit on Tuesday (AKA tomorrow). Why? Beats me. Entertainment for the little munchkins, maybe?

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My mom has no gaydar

Unless it's your extra flamboyant gay guy or your superbutch lesbian.

I came out to my mom yesterday. It was one of my goals for this year but then I decided that I'd like to be out to her for my birthday. Somehow we started talking about penises... well she did anyways. So that made me want to come out even more. Since she's going to order the season 4 pack of the L Word I showed her the season 3 recap that's at the beginning of episode 1 of season 4. I told her so that it was so she'd know what she was buying me. All she said after was...

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