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Yay, hair gel! I look all butch now! :D (A collection of random thoughts)

I was talking about what I should do with my hair today while I was in the car with my uncle, my sister, and my brother. (We were going to see Spider-Man 3. But more on that later.) My uncle stopped by Target on the way to the movie, and he bought me some hair gel!

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How'd you start the conversation?

Lately i've been thinking abotu coming out to my mom. Well i really shouldnt say lately, i've been wanting to for a year or two now. I've picked dates and then once teh day and time came i just chickened out and didn't tell her. I'm tired of keeping this a secret. I'm pretty sure she already knows i'm a lesbian but i just feel like i'm lying to her.

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Just me again..

Sora (My Best friend/ sort of girlfriend) came over. I think the tension between us is a little thicker or something. We didn't hug today. We normally greet eachother that way. I wish I could break the tension but I don't know how. Every time I want to say something it gets caught in my throat. Or if I try to do something I freeze up. It's really weird.

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