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Well, I guess I won the Shaving Wars

My mom and I have been involved in this whole battle over whether I should shave my legs or not. She told me that I had to either shave my legs or wear pants all of the time, and I decided to wear pants. It's been a couple of weeks now.

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I have to shave

My mom and dad want me to shave my legs. They've made it clear that it's not a choice whether to do so or not, at least not with them. I tried to pay my mom back for the razor she bought me, and she told me she didn't want my money. She told me that my not shaving my legs affects her as a parent, because people walk up to her and say, "Look, I noticed utter_insanity doesn't shave her legs.

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Mom's STILL trying to force me to shave

Well, my mom had another huge talk with me last night. She told me that shaving is just "good grooming," and that it's just like taking a bath, using deodorant, or brushing your teeth. The heck? She said that "dirt can get caught in your hair," so I said, "Fine. I'll shave my head, then, so that no dirt gets caught in the hair there!" Of course, she rolled her eyes and ignored that.

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My mom's trying to force me to shave?

My mom just told me these things:

1. She wants me to shave, because my legs look "terrible"
2. My father feels the same way
3. It is more "socially acceptable" to shave your legs
4. People are going to tease me when I go back to school because of my legs
5. I won't have any friends because of my hairy legs
6. It bothers her that my legs are hairy

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I've got short hair now! Before it was shoulder length, but now I've got a boy cut. It's awesome! I have this really, really thick black hair, and it always felt like it was in the way before I got it cut. It was like I was wearing a blanket over my ears or something. But it's all good now. Yay!

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Yay, hair gel! I look all butch now! :D (A collection of random thoughts)

I was talking about what I should do with my hair today while I was in the car with my uncle, my sister, and my brother. (We were going to see Spider-Man 3. But more on that later.) My uncle stopped by Target on the way to the movie, and he bought me some hair gel!

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How'd you start the conversation?

Lately i've been thinking abotu coming out to my mom. Well i really shouldnt say lately, i've been wanting to for a year or two now. I've picked dates and then once teh day and time came i just chickened out and didn't tell her. I'm tired of keeping this a secret. I'm pretty sure she already knows i'm a lesbian but i just feel like i'm lying to her.

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Just me again..

Sora (My Best friend/ sort of girlfriend) came over. I think the tension between us is a little thicker or something. We didn't hug today. We normally greet eachother that way. I wish I could break the tension but I don't know how. Every time I want to say something it gets caught in my throat. Or if I try to do something I freeze up. It's really weird.

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