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Slim pickings for a city slicker

Hi there, I recently got on this site from another LGBT site that's down but provided a link to this site. I'm going to be writing on here, but in the mean time, I need some advice, maybe resources if available. I recently moved from a large, lgbt friendly city to a small, rural blip on the radar that no one except people who live around here know about. It's a town called Elkhorn in southeastern Wisconsin, and I was wondering if any of you knew of some lgbt groups for young adults, both under and over 21? Thanks!

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Today is the day you guys...

Well... Today she's... She's moving. My best friend and the love of my life... It's her last day here with me and I'm really really upset. I wrote her a goodbye letter and I really hope that she likes it but... I feel like I'm gonna lose her after she moves... Like, she gonna forget all about me... And one of my greatest fears is being alone... I just want her to know how much she means to me and how happy she makes me feel whenever I'm around her... I love her... And I hope she loves me back...

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Oh my god...

It would so happen that the love of my life, my best friend, the peanut butter to my jelly... Is moving... Lucky me... I already have depression and bipolar disorder, not to mention my ADHD. So if anyone wants to give me advice, please feel free to do so before I die along with my shattered heart...


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Snowbirding once again

Ok well its going to be October soon. That means snow is soon on the air a few weeks, or months away. ...YUCK! That also means I get the RV out and clean it up, fix the things that need fixed, and get it ready to head south from Nebraska where we spent the last year, To Florida where we will spend the winter. YEA!!! I am getting excited and looking forward to the warm winter months. We have chosen Cross City Fla, on the west side of the states upper part, for this years stay. Its cheep, and the court is Gay owned and run, as well as all gay occupied too. That will be fun too I hope.

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How do you say?

OMFG?!?!?! I'm turning eighteen in less than a month (yays!), but that isn't the point. My parent's are divorced and have split custody of me, my older brother and my younger sister. Now, legally when I turn eighteen I don't have to follow their parenting plan. Meaning I don't have to go back and forth every Sunday and live with one parent for one week and then the other for the other week. Confusing for outsiders I'm sure. But it works for us.

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So it's been awhile. I've still been reading almost every day and everything, but it's been a little too crazy to write anything.

Moved back to the States at the beginning of the year, and have settled into being in Cali again- North Central. I'm loving it here, despite the fact that I don't really know anyone...most of my friends stayed in Korea for a second year, or are spread out across the US. I love having a place of my own, and not living in a dorm for the first time in three years.
I got a dog yesterday...she's so cute. Terrier mix, full grown at about 30lbs.

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I'm going! To college! In five days!

Smith, of course, which is excellently queer. We shall see how the all-girls' thing pans out.

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I might be moving to Oregon. Salem to be exact...And my girlfriend is highly against this...But I would get to be with my sister for the first time in almost two years. I miss her desperately...She was my solid ground when I needed a hand, a heart, a home. She's my everything...Or atleast in a close tie with my girlfriend. She is my sister, and that home feeling seems to travel with her.

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Kicked out, I left, Idk. drama.

Tuesday Jan. 9th

OK. After this one I am caught up..

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I got kicked out!

Thursday December 14

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