Kinsey Sicks -- Sicks! Sicks! Sicks!: CD Review

By Jeff Walsh

For their sixth album, the appropriately-named "Sicks! Sicks! Sicks!," The Kinsey Sicks are in great form. If you need a gift for someone slutty that also likes musicals, look no further.

It's no secret I love the Kinseys (just look around the site), but the new album really shows the amount of polish, work, and fun they continue to deliver on such a consistent basis.

"Sicks! Sicks! Sicks!" will be a treat to fans who like sex-positive ditties ("Be A Slut," "It Isn't Easy Being Easy"), cosmetic-surgery themed Britney Spears covers ("Botoxic," listen to that track below), and plentiful show tune parodies ("Send In The Clones," "Trixie," "Fisters," "Beaver Hair," and "Provincetown" (possibly the only recorded parody of "Urinetown"?)). The CD also features songs from the amazing "I Wanna Be A Republican" DVD, in their audio-only debuts ("All The White Places," "We Arm The World").

Many of the tracks were recorded live, and show how little is lost when the girls move from the studio to the stage. If you can see them live, you should. But if you can't, you should at least check out the CD.

There's a reason The Kinsey Sicks are America's Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet. If you don't know it, "Sicks! Sicks! Sicks!" is a great way to find out why.


For all your Kinsey concert dates and merchandise needs, visit their website.

Sample Track: Botoxic

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I F#&@ing Hate You.

i wanna make a band called 'I F#&@ing Hate You.' yes, dingbats and all...

we'd only write angry songs about stupid things we're pissed off about. idiotic things like missing a train, or getting dumped by a date, or the morons on tv or in government class....

things like that.

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My first entry. and it's not an intro. xD

Hi everybody :D this is my first oasis blog post thingy. Actually, my first blog post anywhere. o.O

But it's not about me. It's about a song that I've fallen in love with, called L.E.S. Artistes by Santogold.

What does the hand sign in the ting-tings new video'shut up and let me go'?

a ace-like on a card
0% (0 votes)
a heart
17% (1 vote)
a certain part of the female body
0% (0 votes)
I didnt see the video but love the song
50% (3 votes)
I havent seen the video or heard the song
33% (2 votes)
Total votes: 6

My Medicen- What do you think?

50% (1 vote)
50% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 2
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What Are You Gay Asians Waiting For?

I spent half of my gorgeous Sunday tutoring my kids in East LA and the other half discovering music artists. Don't tell me I'm lame. Well, here are a few of my new faves (some you probably already know):

Matt Wertz
Matt Nathanson
Gran Bel Fisher
Dave Barnes
Christopher Jak
Graham Colton
Michael Tolcher
Will Hoge
Emerson Hart

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Summing yourself up in a song

I believe that music is one of most true ways the we as humans express emotions. When an artist puts their feelings into words and words into a song it has the potential to touch thousands on an emotional level. There are songs out there that bring up memories of our past and of who we are, songs that sum us up as an individual.

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Rehab Above the Cloud

I've just bought
They might be Giants - I'm Impressed
Amber - Above the Cloud
Amy Whinehouse/Winehouse - Rehab

What has everybody been listening to recently?

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Today I'm not listening

Today I'm just the girl people knew,
cuz they probably don't know me anymore.
Fake smiles during the day,
cascading tears late at night behind closed and locked doors.
Hating all the teachers,
they never seem to care,
don't they ever guess
that I too, need my own amount of air?

Not having them all pressing around me,
And asking me all these questions.

Today I'm not listening,

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God, I love music. I love the piano. It's a fantastic instrument because you can get so much sound from it....... and every piano is different. Slightly, but they're all different. Even if the instrument is almost exactly the same as another, the setting is different, the position of your seat is different... and it can change everything.

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Judy Garland and Adventures In The Teenage Haze

These days I feel I fit the literary/social stereotype of the teenage gay boy. The kind of kid who's the subject of some 'young adult' novel, titled 'Not Like Other Boys' or some such nonsense. I'm intelligent, over-dramatic, struggling with inner demons and fond of Judy Garland. Oy. And, to boot, drooling over a gorgeous hunk of man in my drama class.

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Start of Something New?

I have in my hand an executive summary of GLSEN School Climate Survey for 2005. It didn't take me long to spot and to decipher the key messages of the report. Three Quarters of pupils had heard remarks such as faggot or dyke. The expressions such as “that’s so gay” or “you’re so gay,” are used commonly used to refer someone or somethings stupid or worthless.

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My mom and dad are taking my sister and I to a Def Leppard concert on Wednesday! Styx and Foreigner are playing there, too, but I mostly want to see Def Leppard. :D Yaaaaaaaay!

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Favorite love songs?

What are your favorite love songs? One I especially like is Hysteria, by Def Leppard. It really describes my feelings whenever I fall hard for a crush. I also like the song You're My Best Friend, by Queen.

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Gayest video EVER

Okay, I'm a big fan of the Rolling Stones, and I love their music, especially this song. But honestly, isn't this video kind *snorts* I mean, was Mick Jagger on drugs or something when he was shooting this?

Kinsey Sicks - Condoleezapalooza: Concert Review

By Jeff Walsh

The Kinsey Sicks ended its recent round of touring with a one-night-only engagement of "Condoleezapalooza," a show has been performed in tandem with "I Wanna Be A Republican" around North America for quite some time now.

The highlight of the show wasn't musical, however. It came toward the end of the night, as Winnie (Irwin Keller) pointed out former members of The Kinsey Sicks in the audience, and then announced that Trampolina (aka Chris Dilley) is joining that illustrious group. The news brought Dilley an immediate, heartfelt standing ovation from the appreciative hometown crowd. Because, after a while, the lines all sort of disappear and we all felt like a good friend announced he was leaving town. So, our loss will be New York City's gain, as Dilley starts auditioning to perform onstage as a boy (or not, he knows his way around in heels).

Music with a Twist - Revolutions: CD Review

by peanut_gallery

I am a firm believer in albums -- I believe that they have their own sound that comes from all the songs they have on them put together. Revolutions is all 90's. It is absolutely a throwback to my youth. We all know what 90's music sounds likes, even if we can't describe it- an awkward mix between hair bands of the eighties and the later evolution of boy bands in the new millennium.

In the interest of holding someone's attention, I'll only review the tracks that particularly stood out to me. The first track, Standing in the Way of Control by The Gossip, made me jump when I first heard it. I was completely blown away. It makes you want to dance, and the lyrics are a powerful imperative to stand up and have a revolution. According to Wikipedia, it was written by the lead singer as a response to the United States government's decision to deny gay people the right to marriage.

The second song, Come Over Here, is a slow, moody song that, I believe, is asking all GLBT folk to come out, once and for all.

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Yay! I'm gonna see Harry Potter 5 tomorrow!

I'm going with my friend H to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix tomorrow! Yay! Plus, I haven't seen H ever since the last day of school, so it's gonna be neat. I hope she likes the new haircut I got a couple of weeks ago. :D

Oh, and I wanted to post this video, because Roy Zimmerman is awesome:

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Gay songs?

Does anybody know any good gay songs? i have heaps of indigo girls, and melissa etheridge and such, but i was wondering if people knew the names and/or artists of some good dance/techno or really any style of gay songs?
thanks heaps in advance

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"Gay Bash" Music Vid.

Music video by Melange Lavonne titled "Gay Bash"

I've never been a fan of hiphop or rap, but I've taken an extreme liking to this song.

Plus, Lavonne's actually pretty attractive. Haha.

Just wanted to get this out there, I figured if anyone would appreciate it, it'd be you guys/gals.


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