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Indie music?

I've been wanting to check out the indie genre of music lately, but I don't really know where to start. The only indie artists I know are KT Tunstall and Ani Difranco, and I'm not really sure whether KT Tunstall counts as indie anyway.

So, does anyone have any indie artists to recommend to me? I'd appreciate it!

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Thou shalt always kill

I love this..

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Well, it's some good stuff, yay!

My art paper is finished. My cutter friend is doing a lot better. The clouds are really, really pretty and inspired me into this totally awesome piano improvisation. I'm going to see Mozart's Requiem performed by the National Chorale tomorrow. Saturday I'm teching and teaching my friend D&D. I got Keeping You a Secret out of the library.

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Okay don't know if you've heard of him, but he's an awesome mixer. He makes music with sounds and notes that have been recorded by other artists, and in a single song, he will have chords, sounds, and notes from more than 30 sources. He even mixes stuff live, has a ton of CD"s out and has written a book about sound. He's really awesome, and his music is amazing.

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There Is No Such Thing As Bad Music.

That being said, I'm curious as to what great music is floating around that I'm completely unaware of. I saw a thread on a forum a while back about "Songs that Changed Your Life", which seemed a little dramatic to me, so I'd rather just go with... songs that are just plain good. So, if you find yourself with a couple minutes...

Dan Gillespie Sells of The Feeling: Interview

By Jeff Walsh

The Feeling are a great pop band out of the UK, who have already delivered consecutive hit singles from their brilliant debut album "Twelve Stops And Home." The album was recently released in America, and the band is currently touring the country as part of VH-1's "You Oughta Know" tour with Rocco DeLuca and The Burden, and Mat Kearney.

The album has so many amazing songs on it, and really wins you over with its amazing lyrics. The first single "Sewn" (in Entertainment Weekly's Hot List this week) is a slow ballad that builds beautifully with a great melody, although my favorite track on the CD is "Never Be Lonely," which has a lot of emotional messages going on under the hood of a fun, upbeat pop tune.

The Feeling were recently in San Francisco, and I had the chance to interview lead singer and guitarist Dan Gillespie Sells on the band's tour bus, our interview ending 20 minutes before the band would take the stage. Despite the laidback vibe of the band on their bus, they all came alive onstage, working the crowd and bringing a great energy and enthusiasm to the stage.

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music relativity

Since we all seem to have something in common already [ie reason we signed up for this forum] I was curious to see what other things we might share...

So how about music? Bands, artists, genres, etc:

Christian Chavez of RBD comes out!

Christian Chavez, 23, of the popular Mexican pop group RBD came out of the closet today, after photos of him getting married in Canada were published by a Latin gossip site. He released the following statement:

"On March first 2007 certain photographs were released that show a part of me, a part that I was not prepared to speak of in fear of rejection, of criticism, but especially for my family and its consequences.

I think it's time to grow up, not only as a human being, but also as an artist.

I believe love is the purest feeling that exists and in this career filled with loneliness, having the opportunity to share those moments with someone, that when you look into their eyes, you forget all the negative things, it's a gift of life, that I cherish more than fame.

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[For once in my life] I'm Happy

I'm happy cuz my father bought a vocal amp the other day...It rocks. :33 Now we have drums, guitars and vocals. On top of that, he bought a digital voice recorder. *Grin* It's awesome...then you can hook it to your computer and fool around with the sounds. I can't wait till I can get the cord.

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I make big farts.

I'm listening to this guy named Yann Tiersen right now. Anybody heard of him? He's a French contemporary classical composer. The music's pretty grand...very French [duh]. I recommend!

Pet Shop Boys, Pop Art: The Hits: CD Review

By Jeff Walsh

The Pet Shop Boys is one of my foundation bands. There are moments where their music is clearly fixed in the events of my life. I remember when the gay bar I used to frequent played "Go West," their exuberant cover of the Village People classic, as its closing music very night. The dance floor became a celebration with everyone becoming a community, singing and smiling in a small Pennsylvania town where this wasn't a constant state. I can look back on many moments like this and find a Pet Shop Boys providing the score.

More recently, I was at a club in San Francisco, and heard only one or two chords, and knew I was in the hands of The Pet Shop Boys. Over the years, they have developed such a unique, distinctive sound that somehow immediately identifies them but never seems to restrict them. But the thing I noticed most when I heard the chord is how happy it made me. I didn't know the song, the words, the chorus, the bridge... but just it being The Pet Shop Boys was enough to make me smile and radiate happiness. I can't honestly think of another band that has that effect on me.

Mika "Life in Cartoon Motion" CD Review

By Jeff Walsh

"Life in Cartoon Motion," the debut album by Mika (released today in the UK, March 27 in the US), is the most assured, infectious first album to come out in quite some time. It is pure pop brilliance.

From the opening strains of "Grace Kelly" to the album's coda of "Happy Ending," Mika takes listeners on an aural journey through many styles of music. But each one is done with such authority, it never has the fractured OCD feel that plagues many albums that switch between many different musical styles.

"Grace Kelly" is the first track of the album, written as a kiss-off to music executives who wanted him to change his sound. The chorus of the song touches on his identity quest

Spring Awakening: CD Review

By Jeff Walsh

Spring Awakening: A New Broadway Musical features music by Duncan Sheik, with book and lyrics by Steven Sater.

The caveat is that I can only review this from the perspective of having heard it after seeing the show on Broadway. So, in my mind, many of the songs have choreography, lighting, and visuals, which augments my enjoyment of the CD.

Right up front, I will say that John Gallagher Jr. as Moritz was my favorite lead performer in the show. He also does the most rocking songs in the show, so I have heard his stuff most often while working out at the gym. But his tracks, such as "The Bitch of Living," "And Then There Were None," and "Don't Do Sadness" are some of my favorite up-tempo songs, along with "Totally Fucked," where the entire ensemble erupts to release their pent-up angst in a burst of dance and song.

Chorus Line: CD Review

By Jeff Walsh

Anyone who knows me realizes me objectively reviewing the New Cast Recording of A Chorus Line is silly. When it comes to this CD, they had me at "Again...," the first word spoken in the opening number.

This is one of my favorite shows of all time, if not my absolute favorite. This show was Broadway's version of reality TV back in the 70s. The stage is bare, a line runs parallel to the edge of the stage, as dancers tell their life stories in prose and song to try and find work. Seeing it onstage always inspires me. There is no artifice in Chorus Line, no chandelier falling in Act Two, no revolving stage, and no helicopter coming down from the rafters. Whatever happens onstage is there because of bodies, breath, heart, sweat, and yearning, and the result is always magic. The songs are their stories, and by the end many of them are our songs and stories on some level, too. It shows the true power of theater.

Umm... anyway, this is a CD review...

Review: Daphne Rubin-Vega's Redemption Songs

By Jeff Walsh

When I first received Daphne Rubin-Vega's latest CD, Redemption Songs, I went into it thinking it'll be good to catch up on her latest project. But I quickly realized that wasn't the proper mindset.

While I had seen her perform in both Rent and the Rocky Horror Show, this CD was technically her project, reflecting her choices, tastes and personality, and not another situation where she was hired to perform and sing in a certain way.

And, apparently, left to her own devices, Rubin-Vega wants to rock.

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"shake it shake it" lol

so funnie lol. after work i hung out wit my dad and my cousin, we went to Longs to get my dad cough drops and we happened to stop in the card section where they found the music cards (you know the ones where you open them and they play songs?

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Merry Axe-ing Christmas!!

Happy Holidays everyone! :-)

Well, let's did my Christmas go, so far? It truly went awesome, to tell you the truth....I got a bunch of small stuff, like books, jewlry, socks, perfume, etc. But the major thing that I got that I was really happy about was that I got an.....

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Okay, so....

I talked to the friend that my other friend was reffering to (read last entry if you haven't, it'll make more sense.) and she said that friend number one jumps to conclusions....Lol. Kay, well, anyways, we talked for a bit, then she let on that her male cousin and friend were there. :-)

We talked in sript, and it was pretty good. Friend number 2 ended up falling asleep (same with her cousin) till it was just me and the friend that was at her house. So, they actually managed to cheer me up. :-)

Kinsey Sicks "Oy Vey In a Manger" review

By Jeff Walsh

In the grand tradition of Christmas music being sung by Jewish people (See: Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, and almost every CD in the holiday section of your store), The Kinsey Sicks deliver their entry with "Oy Vey In A Manger: Christmas Carols and Other Jewish Music."

Jeff Manabat of the Kinsey Sicks Interview

By Jeff Walsh

The Kinsey Sicks have been part of my life in San Francisco for as long as I can remember. But, these days, this dragapella beauty shop quartet is spreading its music and message (and STDs, in the case of Rachel) throughout North America as a constantly touring group. The group was first profiled in Oasis back in November of 1999, and have never stopped coming up with hilarious shows, outlandish improv, and "Oh no, they didn't!" moments.

2007 will see the DVD release of their first-ever concert film "I Wanna Be A Republican" (currently playing festivals and seeking a distributor) as well as an episodic reality show, "Almost Infamous," documenting their journey to debuting a show in Las Vegas. The group consists of four members: Ben Schatz as the slutty Rachel, Irwin Keller as the lesbolicious neatfreak Winnie, Chris Dilley as the vapid vampy Trampolina, and Jeff Manabat as the glamorous (and easy) Trixie.

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