my family

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mater mea modo adimere tentaverit

my mom might be dying by her own hand.
i awoke this morning to the bellevue police department banging on the door, and when my dad let them in i got dressed and came upstairs, but not before i put it all together.

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Today my mom, my brother, Frances, and I went to the zoo. After 3 hours we dropped off frances and my brother.
After that me and my mom went to a therapist named Debbie. I went in while my mom waited outside. An hour later, and it turns out I have clinical depression and need to go see a doctor within the next week or so to get medicine.
The fact that I am bi didn't even come up. It actually wasn't that bad.

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my family, homosexuality, and regilion

I read one of the forum topics on here discussing how your family reacted to one's coming out especially from a religious up bringing. So I thought I would share my experiences. But please note, by no means in any way shape or form, am I an authority or do I consider myself an authority with regards to issues of homosexuality or religion or any combination of the two.

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