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how my day has gone...

what i need now is a nice mug of strong tea...
actually a nice shot of strong scotch would be even
well, my life in the past 5-7 months has been pretty hellish...and since i haven't written a journal in ages i thought i'd whine in this one...
following is a list of my troubles and travails these last few months:

~in september, i got kicked out of my group home for 'not working the program', even though i put in my thirty days notice and had moved out on the 25th day they kicked me out on the twenty-seventh, for not waiting the full thirty days.

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Six months already...

It's been 6 months since I last wrote anything. I've been pretty down on life; my girlfriend(ex) and I broke up and I can't find a real job I can be proud of now that I've gotten my degree.

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My posts in the last 30 min

Just finished my 1st day of work! Im bored now. Wanna hang out and watch movies with me all night??

“You've changed so much. I guess that's what happens. I wish you knew how much you changed me. I wonder if I changed you, if your life isdifferent because of me. Because mine's different. My God, you taught me so much, and now we don't even talk to each other. I guess that's what happens.” -author unknown

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Play Practice

I am a highschooler. I have struggled with being bi/gay/curious for the past 11 years. I have never done anything with a guy. But on the other hand I have had plenty of chances to mess around with girls and just haven't (aside from making out).

Sometimes i feel like what holds me back from experimenting is not knowing who is gay. i go to a small school so its not like people "come out" and have a crowd to hang out with. There are less than 70 kids in my grade and we all know each others business. BUT THATS WHAT MAKES TODAY SO EXCITING!!!

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help (oasis inbox is being gay) oh and then an update on my life

K so i haven't been here in ages I got caught up in the splenders of life. So I log in and it says i have two unread private messages I cannot find them LOL HELP! I refreshed the page it still says i have new msgs and i still cant find them XD they aren't appearing as "new" in my inbox...

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All or Nothing

So, I got into a fight with my mom yesterday over the state of my bedroom. Apparently, I am dirty and filthy and there is a dissconnect between how I always leave the house looking gorgeous and made up, but I put my face on in a dirty bedroom. Which is strange considering I cleaned my room two days ago, but as usual, I'm not good enough.

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