My mind

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how my day has gone...

what i need now is a nice mug of strong tea...
actually a nice shot of strong scotch would be even
well, my life in the past 5-7 months has been pretty hellish...and since i haven't written a journal in ages i thought i'd whine in this one...
following is a list of my troubles and travails these last few months:

~in september, i got kicked out of my group home for 'not working the program', even though i put in my thirty days notice and had moved out on the 25th day they kicked me out on the twenty-seventh, for not waiting the full thirty days.

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Collected Thoughts

I am back with collected thoughts. My mind is ready to flow and release what it has been holding on to for some time now. Thoughts of being abandoned, alone and rejected in this world. I am left aside to figure out why love has left me astray-it never stays. I had a grip or atleast I thought. Not much to her desire she handed down the water to unblaze the fire. No more fight .

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