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The Thin Line Between Boys and Girls

Girls; made of spice
and everything nice.
Boys; everything else.
Both so different, distinct in various ways.
Still you have to stop and realize,
Look at everything as it doesn't seem.

Look beyond prominent curves
And parts amidst the legs.
What do you see?
Eyes; portals to the soul
Lips; those that confess love
Heart; the ever beating musical chamber that keeps us alive
Soul; the essence that is so hard to contain.

Really, what is the differnce between boys and girls?
Fashion sense? Cooking Ability? Strength?
No way, none of that exists when a baby is in the womb.

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In so many ways

You may not want to hear this,
but i think im learning how to forget.
You may not want to beleive this,
but i think it may be a lost cause
i think we both know
how pointless this is,
so why is it were not letting go?
We use to only have eachother
And now we only have ourselves.
You may want to live in the past
like i use to
but i think it finnally hit me today

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