national coming out day

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Happy National Coming Out Day! I'M OUT TO MY DAD!

so I'm out to my dad...
dad: what? you have a boyfriend?
me: no....i'm gay
dad: what do you mean you're gay?
me: i'm gay, as in i like girls
dad: you don't like girls
me: what do you mean i dont like girls? dad, i'm serious. i'm gay
dad: why do you like girls?
me: why do you like girls?
dad: i'm a boy
me: ok?
dad: do you have a girlsfriend?
me: no
dad: then why do you like girls?
me: i dont need a girls friend to like girls
dad:so you're gay as in happy gay?
me: what? no, yes, i'm both terms
dad: ok (hugs)

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so today i went around school with a free hugs sign

i got alot of weird looks/ points and laughs

and some people i dont know actually hugged me!

that was awesome....i kept a tally but i didnt tally some, sadly...

the total tally so far is 180...amazing...and my best friend was the 100th one :)

and since tomorrow is natioinal coming out day...i'm going up to the 99 cent store and try to find a white shirt so i can write free hugs on it...

also...update on my nonexistant love life!

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