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New Year Resolutions?

What do you plan on doing for the new year? :)

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Helloooooooooo there Oasis!

I suppose I should introduce myself. :)
My name is Ailsa (pronounced El-sa), I am 15, I'm Canadian eh? I'm an artist by nature and in talent, and I'm an actress. I'm crazy, hyper, creative, confident, nerdy, smart (If you don't judge me by my spelling skills, that is), shameless and proud.

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yup so I really don't know how to do this so I'm just going to type for awhile and post I guess. My life has been somewhat monotonous for the last year just a lot of school and home life. The only large change was my mother was diagnosed with Leukemia which despite the fact she is my mother I really could care less. My problem is that I came to Chicago to be free of family obligations not to become a caretaker. Now I feel as though when I graduate this July I'll be stuck taking care of her rather than working on the career I was hoping to start.
Stuck .... any thoughts?

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qu pasa

hello everyone my name is Cody, i'm new to oasis and would like to make friends. im 21 and am currently a culinary arts student at metro community college. i love writing stories and poetry. hope you all have a great day

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I am new, what do I do?

hello. I just found out about this whole site last night. I am currently typing out this on my dsiXL, because my internet is easily traced anywhere else. I'm young for this, just 13. I realized I was bi only like a month ago, because I dreamed about kissing the girl who was my best friend in K-2nd grade, and i tried desperately to get back to that dream, because it felt so perfect. i know i'm not lesbian, i had a whopper crush on a boy last year, though. Last night i found this site and was up till 1:30 in the morning reading the forums, even the ones that were started like 5 yrs ago.

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Hello, Oasis.

Hello everyone on here.
This is my first journal entry, as you can possibly tell.
Somehow, I don't feel awkward at all.
Probably because I don't feel so alone anymore,
I don't feel depressed anymore,
I feel like people can actually understand me now.
I don't feel like a freak.
People have called me a freak before.
Only because I dressed like a ninja on the last day of 7th grade.
I don't see anything wrong with it, it was just a one time thing.
I wonder what would happen if they knew I was a lesbian.
My classmates use "gay" and "lesbian" as insults.

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Hiiiiiii :D

I guess everyone sees these right?
Well I'm new and i don't really know anyone here! But I'm excited, my laptop finally works.
What do i start writing about? Hot places to go eat in downtown, the latest art i find totally amazing... oooorrrrrrr the weather? I dont know, anything! You tell me! >:D

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I Say Hello, Hello, Hello! :D

Hi! I'm sort of new to this thing. And kinda have no clue what to do. Nor do I know anyone on here. So yeah... This is my first journal. Should anyone see this, well then, hi how are ya? Howdy :D

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First Journal :D

So I've commented here and there but I realized I have yet to make a journal entry yet. X)

So hello everyone! :D

How are you all this fine evening?

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Deep Thoughts by the Artist Now Known as Faggot

A famous painter, Vincent Van Gogh once said, that he had a problem with, dare he say it, religion. And then he would go out and paint the stars. And he leaves us to wonder, what he means by “paint the stars”. Was he painting a reflection of the stars onto a canvas for others to see and enjoy. Or was he referring to those little stars that go unnoticed. Is it not these stars…these beautiful stars, these gleaming, shining stars that mean the most? I am of course speaking of the stars within us all.

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Hi everyone...

Hello everyone... I have known about this site for about twenty minutes, and have been a member for about five. Um... Some things about me: I'm fifteen and female, short brown hair and blue eyes. I love to read, and will read almost anything. I spend too much time on the Internet and despise stupid people (which, now that I think about it, probably has something to do with the excessive amounts of time I spend online... I can't walk away from an arguement with an idiot).

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Emotional day... well more so than adverage...

so as u probably guessed from thet title... i had an interesting day. i was walking arround with my gf, kim, (i call her kitten) and we were gettin kinda bored. we were gona go to the park so we decided to walk along the train tracks as a short cut. we finally got to the road and i realized... where we came out on the tracks is about the half way point between my duche bag father's house and the park. idk why i made the decision or what power came over me.. but we went up to my fathers house.

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All my loving

Well, I'm new here. I've been melting down for about two weeks, every night, and having nightmares when I'm finally asleep. Well, more than two weeks. The reason for that is that I'm going to leave the country in like 4 days, and I have a girlfriend here..

I'm going back to Finland, and it's really exciting having been away for almost a year, but still.. She's the only one that seems to matter nowadays. I'd be happy if I could just take her with me. Or stay here. But not be in America, cuz this sucks. But it's not going to happen. Well, it is, in three years.

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Hey, I'm new here. This is my first LGBT site, so I'm pretty excited... I'm a bisexual, and unfortunately, I'm still in the closet. I guess I just wanted to take the time to say hello to you all. c: So hello.

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I'm sitting here at my keyboard, trying desperately to think of something to put into my shiny new internet journal on this website my friend Zach[Shadow1992] has kindly directed me to.

What should I say? Do I have anything worth saying? Anything worth anyone taking the time to read?

I can honestly say, I don't think so. No today, at least. That is not to say I don't have things to say, just not things worthwhile.

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Introducing myself (and ranting a little)

My name is Emily, and I'm new to this forum (obviously) so I thought that I should introduce myself. I'm 15 and I'm somewhere in the spectrum between bi and lesbian (don't know where but I know I'm there) I stumbled across here about a week ago, due to a string of links, starting from a Google page. I've been reading, a lot, and I decided that I'd like to be a part of this wonderful little cyber family, if you will let me.

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It's.. strange. I never really envisioned myself 'blogging' as it's called, especially publically and about my personal life. I kinda feel.. lost here to be honest. I was exposed to this site by a friend, actually, but I won't reveal any names unless she wants me to, and I originally thought that maybe I'd give it a shot.. people are more openminded here than anywhere else I'm sure, and that's EXACTLY what I need since I tend to step outside of 'normal' boundaries sometimes. Heh. But the whole sexuality thing.. I hope that isn't a huge issue since I'm not even all that sure myself.

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...Im new and my moms are stupid

Hey people whats up? Im new and well this place sounded cool. My friend (Bi the Book) suggested this place and well she's cool and i decided to check it out. Okay here it goes my frist entry lol!

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Kids shows, and how they've come to an all time low.

okay, so, im only fourteen so i had the cartoons from the 90's, the perfect decade of cartoons, where they were either, a talking turtle with a moral ((FRANKLIN! :] )) or puppets that needed sticks attached to their arms to move them (( sesame street! <3 elmo lol)) SO, now everything is digitally done, and everything has to educate you in three different subjects and two different languages before it'll air, its RIDICULOUS. and NOW omg NOW THEY HAVE DONE IT!

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Hello... can't think of anything witty and creative to put here, but oh well!

Thanks for your comments.

*this entry has been deleted*

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